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Press release template

Each press release should focus on a single story.

The writing style should be factual.

Avoid superlatives and ‘sales talk’.

Here is a press release template:

[RELEASE DATE] Press release: [TITLE] (Press release titles should be factual and focus on news value)

Opening paragraph. (This is the most important paragraph. It is likely that some publications will only use this paragraph, so it needs to stand alone and tell the story).

Second paragraph. (One key element only).

Third, fourth paragraphs. (One key element each).

Comment. (For example: John Smith, CEO and Founder of XYZ Company commented: “We are delighted to announce this new service….”)

Editors notes (emboldened subhead)

Brief, factual description of your enterprise.

Website address

Spokesperson’s contact name | email address | phone numbers

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