Welcome to Help section

It is divided into two parts:

A. Using our website (see below) and B. Help with your marketing.

* Getting started (for brand new members)

* Menu system. As well as the standard Navigation bar (Home etc), there are member / community menus which appear when you are logged in.

On a computer / laptop, these menus are in upper left and right hand corners of the screen.

Our website is mobile friendly, so appropriate menu options will appear on your smartphone etc.

Asking questions
…when you login, you will be directed to the Activity stream (or “town square”, as we call it).

Or use this link:  https://www.marketingcompass.co.uk/activity

You can ask a question where it says “What’s new (user name)?”

You can ask about marketing strategy or promotion, for example.

Please note that Navigator / NavigatorPlus members can ask unlimited marketing questions.

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Please email joanna@marketingcompass.co.uk if you have any questions about our website.