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Video marketing

Videos engage people on a deeper level than reading text. Written web pages, blog entries, newsletters etc are all well and good, however, a video can help you to get your message across and create those ‘Ah Ha!’ moments.

I have use the invideo platform. It allows me to create professional videos for myself and my clients. I can upload a mix of still images, text and video footage.

How long should marketing videos be? Most people are in favour of brief videos, for example one minute or less.

However, much longer videos can be effective, i.e. 30 minutes in duration. What could you put into a longer video and why would this be effective? You can ask me within The Marketing Compass website.

If you enjoy creative tasks, video marketing may well suit you.

You can include a video in your MailChimp campaigns. When you are creating the campaign, within Settings & Tracking don’t forget to check the ‘Auto-convert video’ box.

Here is a series of useful video marketing tips and ideas from David Strelitz at

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