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AIDCA copywriting model

The AIDCA copywriting model will help you to get better response:

1. Headline or opening line gets Attention

2. Product or service description generates Interest

3. The offer / proposition produces Desire

4. Guarantee / reassurance gives Conviction

5. Call to action Action generates sales

AIDCA can be used throughout the promotional mix.

You can use AIDCA in direct mail letters, email marketing and web pages.

It is a helpful, easy to remember copywriting model.

Pay particular attention to the headline, as this is the gateway to the rest of the piece.

Write a few headline variants and choose the best one.

Describe your product or service using benefits, not just features.

Include a clear offer or proposition.

Provide a guarantee and / or proof that your product or service does what you say it will do.

Finally, remember to include a CTA (Call To Action).

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