Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple

The Marketing Compass was created by marketing specialist, Nigel Temple. It is a community of business owners and marketers. The members learn how to use and apply effective marketing techniques – in order to attract more customers. We share marketing ideas, via our knowledgebase, webinars, meetings, events and more. Our website allows members to share tips and ideas with each other and discuss marketing issues, via special interest groups.  Here is quick guide to getting started within our website.

The site is active every day, with new members joining, introducing themselves and asking marketing questions.

“Business owners and independent professionals,” commented Nigel Temple, “are busy people. They need to generate more revenue by using proven, low cost marketing techniques. Members of The Marketing Compass are taken through a process which lifts their marketing to the next level. We begin by focusing on the big picture, i.e. business objectives and vision. This is followed by a step-by-step journey to improve marketing results.”

Nigel has learned a great deal from LinkedIn and he provides LinkedIn training and talks.  He is also particularly interested in creative thinking – which lies at the heart of all great marketing campaigns. As a creativity speaker he talks to audiences  about the creative process and idea generation – which is a central aspect of marketing. Digital marketing has seen a dramatic rise in the number of words that are all writing and Nigel also provides copywriting training.

You will discover that The Marketing Compass is friendly, open and supportive. You are welcome to create an account for free. Having done this, please fill in your profile and include an http:// link back to your website. Here is our is disclaimer and here is our privacy page.

What our members say about The Marketing Compass

Margi Ross“Being a member of The Marketing Compass has been like having a marketing transplant. I’ve taken on board the help and guidance that you have offered and the transplant has taken.” ~ Margi Ross, The Conscious Feminine

Walter Blackburn“Nigel Temple and The Marketing Compass have proved to be very helpful. The sales leads are coming in!” Walter Blackburn, Presenting Success

Phil Whitting“The Marketing Compass helps me to learn more about marketing and ask for feedback.” Phil Whitting, MD, FalTech GPS

David Easton“We are learning much about marketing from The Marketing Compass. Nigel is able to share a range of fantastic tools as well as teaching the underlying philosophy. This equips members with the tools that enable them to be effective in their marketing journey.” ~ David Eaton, SME Strategies