Getting started with The Marketing Compass website:

Once you have logged in, you will see the Activity page.

Click on Groups in the right hand column (on a laptop) and join relevant groups.

Return to the Activity page by clicking on ‘Post an update’ (right hand column menu).

A message says: “What’s new, (user name)”?

Click there and start typing.

Having written your post, click on ‘Post in: Profile’
…and choose: ‘Post in: Group’

Then start writing the name of the group, i.e. social media strategy

Then click: Post update

You can introduce yourself, tell us about your business or ask a marketing question, by writing in the white box.

Click on your avatar (a coloured square, next to the “What’s new” message, or an image or yourself or your logo if you have uploaded this).

Click on ‘Profile’. There is an option to edit this. Please include a link to your website and details about what you do.

Upload a photo of yourself or your logo (‘Change Profile Photo’).

Questions? Either email or search for joannatemple by clicking on ‘Members’ (in the right hand column of the Activity page).

Log back in to see responses to your posts.