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Case studies

A marketing case study is a form of social proof.

It shows prospective customers that you can deliver.

Here is a case study structure:

* What did they have before?
* Why did they decide to change?
* How did they find you?
* Why did they decide to buy from you?
* What did they think of the product / service?
* What benefits are they receiving?
* What have they got to say about you? (Testimonial)
* What are their plans for the future?

A case study is a story, told in the sequence that it happened.

Add some images to your case studies.

* Produce a PDF version of the case study to send to prospective customers
* Create a blog using the cleared copy (as it contains lots of keyword phrases)
* Add a Testimonials page to your website and include case study testimonials there
* Consider sending out a press release to your media list
* Scatter testimonials throughout your website
* Include case studies with proposals