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KPI – Key Performance Indicators for marketing

You can set a KPI – Key Performance Indicator – for any aspect of marketing.

A KPI is something that you can measure against an objective.

Here are some marketing KPI examples that can be measured within a given time period (i.e. per month):

Website KPIs

*  New URLs added
*  Website unique visitors (new versus returning)
*  Website page views
*  Average time on site
*  Bounce rate

Email marketing KPIs

*  New subscribers
*  Newsletter open rate
*  Newsletter click-through rate
*  Conversion rate (if appropriate)
*  Subscriber engagement rating

Social media KPIs

*  Blogs written
*  Facebook Likes, Comments, Shares, Friends added
*  LinkedIn connections made + Likes, Comments, Shares
*  Twitter followers gained + Likes., Comments, Shares

Media relations KPIs

*  Journalist conversations
*  Press releases sent
*  Articles placed
*  Media interviews

Customer KPIs

*  Customers lost
*  Customers retained
*  New customers acquired
*  Customer acquisition cost
*  Customer lifetime value

Bear in mind that there are over 300 promotional techniques and KPIs can be set for all of them.

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