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Website checklist

Here is a website checklist:


*  What is the primary objective for your website?
For example:
A. Brand awareness?
B. Credibility?
C. Customer engagement?
D. Sales enquiries?
E. Sales?

Market segments

*  What is the primary target market segment for your website?
*  Are there secondary target markets?


*  Is the navigation bar logical?
*  Is the navigation bar easy to understand?


*  Does the design look professional?
*  Do the colours work well together?
*  Is the same font used throughout the site?
*  Does the design get in the way of understanding?


*  Is there a consistent visual brand identity?
*  Is your logo positioned in the upper left-hand corner of your homepage (and, ideally, every page)?
*  Is there a favicon image?


*  Do you have a keywords list?
*  Are you using Title Tags?
*  Do you have an in-bound link building strategy?
*  Are you using anchor text links?
*  Is there a Sitemap link in the footer area?

First-time website visitors

*  Top of the homepage: is it clear what you do?

User experience

*  Does the site load quickly? (Ideally, in less than 3 seconds?)
*  Is it easy for users to find what they are looking for?
*  Is it easy for users to find their way around?


*  Unlike brochures, websites can be interactive. How interactive is your site?
*  How many interactive features are there?
*  Is there a search field?

Content management

*  If you are using a CMS (Content Management System), such as WordPress, do you understand how to use it properly?

Content strategy

*  What is your content strategy?
*  What is the primary topic for your content?
*  Do you use images in a consistent way?
*  Are your images optimised for download speed?


*  How often do you blog within your website?
*  What is your target word count per blog?

Web copywriting

*  Are you using a consistent style?
*  Is the copy engaging?
*  Is the copy grammatically correct?
*  Do you proofread all of your webcopy?


*  Are you displaying your Privacy and Cookies policies?
*  Are you complying with GDPR / other relevant laws?


*  Is there newsletter signup form?

Social media

*  Are there easy to find social media follow icons?


*  Is it easy to find contact details?
*  Are there a variety of ways of getting in touch?

Calls to action

*  Are there calls to action throughout the site?

Website testing

*  Have you tested your website using different website browsers, computers and smartphones in order to make sure that everything works properly?


*  Is a website backup being taken regularly?


*  Have you installed an SSL Certificate?
*  Are you protecting the login process?
*  Are you protecting your website from spam, i.e. spam comments?


*  Have you installed the Google Analytics (or other stats service) code within every page of your website?
*  Do you know the number of Unique visitors within a given time frame (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly)?
*  What is your website bounce rate?
*  Which are the most popular pages?
*  How many sales enquiries / sales are directly attributable to your website each month?

Nigel Temple is a digital marketing consultant and trainer.

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