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LinkedIn company page

A LinkedIn company page can be created for free and it adds to your credibility. If you created one some time ago, it would be a good idea to revisit it and check the contents and analytics.

At the time of writing, there are over two million company pages within LinkedIn. When you hover over a members’ current / previous places of work, if there is an associated company page, you can click through to it. The company page includes a logo, a background image, a brief description of the enterprise and the number of employees who are on LinkedIn. If a company website address is included, you can click and go directly to their site. Company pages are a handy reference and buyers / new contacts will look and check you out.

According to LinkedIn, 80% of their members want to connect with companies, in order to learn more about them and keep posted when they release news. A description of what the enterprise does and delivers (i.e. features and benefits) can be included in the About section. Within that section, a list of specialities can also be included.

You should encourage people to Follow your company within LinkedIn. You can do this by keeping your page up-to-date, posting interesting content there, following other company pages and including a link to your company page within your marketing communications.

Ensure that everyone in your organisation who is on LinkedIn follows your company page. Ask suppliers and other relevant people to do the same. If you are the Administrator for your company page, you will be able to see an ‘Analytics’ button when you view the page (visitors, updates, followers).

Hashtags can be entered which will become associated with your page. You can associate specific LinkedIn Groups with your company page.

You can post updates within your company page, which will be seen by the page’s followers. Some companies share their blog posts via their LinkedIn company page.

You can also create Showcase pages for different aspects of your enterprise.

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  • MikeBoxwell says:

    I’ve always assumed that Facebook is really only for B-to-C companies, and not so relevant for B-to-B. But is that an old-fashioned view? Whilst I have set up a simple Facebook page for my business, I’m not really actively doing much with it at the moment.

  • Nigel Temple says:

    It is true that Facebook (FB) works well for business to consumer marketing. However, because of the vast numbers of people that are on FB, it can also be used for B2B marketing as well. If you have limited time (!) we suggest that you focus on LinkedIn as you are marketing to enterprises.
    PS The Marketing Compass is on Facebook and you are welcome to follow us there:

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