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Startup marketing advice

By April 22, 2014October 14th, 2014All members, Startups

Are you looking for startup marketing advice? Here is a checklist which may help you:

*  Write a marketing plan. This will make you think through the key issues and your resources.
*  Choose your website domain name very carefully: you will have to live with it for a long time. From an SEO perspective, if it contains relevant keywords – you will be found more easily. Here is an article on choosing a website domain name.
*  Use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) from the outset. Here are the benefits of having a small business CRM system.
*  Use the free marketing techniques which are available to you, before you spend money on promotion.
*  Think about the different ways in which you will promote your business. Here is a list of 29 promotional categories
*  Use social media to promote your business, i.e. Twitter. Share helpful information which is related to your business. Here are some Twitter tips.
*  Spend two hours a day on marketing activities, i.e. writing, working on your website and networking.
*  Join The Marketing Compass and learn about startup marketing!

We’re often asked for startup marketing advice.  The Marketing Compass is a friendly community of business owners. You’re welcome to join us and ask some new business marketing questions.

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