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Marketing strategy and plan

By December 17, 2012All members

map of the world plus compassDo you have a clear marketing strategy and plan for the year ahead? Have you chosen your market segments, decided which products / services to focus on and costed your promotional mix (in terms of both time and money)?  Marketing is too important to leave to chance. This is the perfect time to think about the big picture and your key objectives.

Key issues include market segments, how to stand out from the crowd and key messages. In other words – who are you are going to market to, how will you differentiate your business and what do you want prospective customers to remember about you?

Time and money are limited. You can’t sell to everyone. Smart enterprises focus on clearly defined groups of people with shared needs. They communicate with them consistently. Remember that ‘little and often’ beats ‘big and infrequent’ when it comes to communication.

It is important to have a written marketing plan. This is good discipline as it will make you think. You will have to commit to giving specific answers in writing Рwhich is no bad thing. Incidetanlly, a written plan is part of Navigator membership of The Marketing Compass. To find out more, click here:

As always – any questions – just ask.

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