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The promotional mix – 29 ways to promote your enterprise

By January 20, 2014October 14th, 2014All members, Marketing plan, Promotion, Strategy and planning

Here are 29 promotional mix categories:

* Advertising
* Alliance Marketing Partners
* Authorship
* Business blogging
* Channel marketing (i.e. distributors)
* Content marketing
* Customers (i.e. customer clubs)
* Direct mail
* Email marketing
* Events
* Location marketing (i.e. signage)
* Media relations
* Networking
* Newsletters
* Packaging
* Point of sale
* Printed matter
* Promotional gifts
* Referrals
* Sales promotion (i.e. competitions)
* SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
* Selling, professional  [Visit our Professional Selling Group] * Social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) [Visit our Social Media Group] * Sponsorship
* Telemarketing
* Vehicle (i.e. livery)
* Videos (i.e. via YouTube)
* Website  [Visit our Websites Group] * Word of mouth

How  many are you using? Which ones are working well for you? Which ones should you abandon? You are welcome to discuss this within our website.

The promotional mix should be part of your marketing strategy and plan.

Navigator members of our community can blog within our website as often as they like. We promote marketing related blogs to circa 20,000 social media contacts.

Written by marketing strategist, consultant, trainer and speaker Nigel Temple.

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