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Don’t miss a sales lead because you still use an answering machine!

By July 30, 2010March 12th, 2012All members

You put a great deal of time, effort and money into your marketing activities. When a prospective customer wants to talk to you – what happens when they call?

Will they hear an answering machine or voicemail message?

Research shows that if this is the case, the majority of people will simply put the phone down.

A key objective of marketing of marketing is to generate sales enquiries; it is highly important therefore, that a human being being answers your phone, regardless of where you are and what you are doing!

Our office uses the Verbatim answering service – which we have been using for many years. This means that if we can’t answer the phone, one of the friendly Verbatim team answers the call.

A text message or email is automatically sent to us with all of the relevant details, so we can get back to the caller. At the end of the day a caller checklist is sent, so we can make sure we’ve got back to everybody.

The result is, that we never miss an incoming sales lead by phone.

We highly recommend the Verbatim service, click the logo to visit their site and have them call you when it is convenient!

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