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Marketing coach

Are you are a small business owner or independent professional? Would it help to have a marketing coach? This would be a marketing professional who can provide impartial suggestions and ideas to improve your marketing knowledge and results.

They would take the time to understand you and your business. They would ask you questions about your marketing, suggest options and nudge you to take action.

The challenge with marketing is that it is important but not urgent. There is so much to do, when you are running your own enterprise, isn’t there? You probably went into business because you saw an opportunity to provide products or services that you understand well. However, being a subject expert is insufficient for success. You also need to create awareness, enquiries and sales and this takes marketing knowledge and application.

Nigel Temple created The Marketing Compass to address this need. You can join for free, create a profile and link back to your website (which will help your SEO). What is more, you can start to ask marketing questions and request feedback from a professional marketing coach.

Chartered Accountant and tax advisor David Eaton MBE Bsc BA FCA from SME Strategies explains: “I am learning much about marketing from The Marketing Compass and I am grateful for their marketing guidance. Nigel Temple is showing me how to do marketing for myself. I think highly of his expertise and professionalism. The Marketing Compass shares a range of fantastic tools as well as teaching the underlying philosophy. This equips members with the tools and techniques that enable them to be effective in their marketing journey.”

David has a passion to see businesses and their staff and management thrive. His 30 years of working with a range of organisations in the commercial, public and voluntary sectors has given him a deep understanding of the need to build functioning teams. Since becoming a NavigatorPlus member of The Marketing Compass community, David has become increasingly busy with sales enquiries and new clients. “NavigatorPlus membership is invaluable to my business. Nigel has the uncanny ability of providing answers (and suggestions) before they are even asked. He gives practical perspectives and creative ideas on any marketing related issue. His wealth of experience and knowledge is considerable and he shares this generously.”

Nigel Temple concludes: “For many years, we have coached and worked with small business owners and independent professionals. They include accountants, architects, business book authors, business coaches, IT support professionals, management consultants, manufacturers, photographers, public speakers, software developers, trainers, veterinary surgeons, website developers, videographers and many others. It is exciting to see their marketing confidence and results improve, as their knowledge expands.”