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musical notes

Here is a metaphor, which may help you….

Your marketing proposition comprises your central message.

It describes the benefits which you offer to the market.

Back in the 1940s, the term ‘USP’ (Unique Selling Proposition)
was coined by Rosser Reeves, the copywriter.

The challenge is that there is a great deal more competition now.

It’s harder to make a business ‘stand out from the crowd’, isn’t it?

Here are two ways that you can do this:

1. Add value before, during and after the sale.

2. Educate your customers.

Your proposition is the ‘song’ of your business.

Is your song catchy and memorable?

Will the listener like the sound of your song?

Will they want to tell everyone they know about it?

They are more likely to do so, if you add value and offer
helpful, useful and relevant advice.

Ensure that you sing your song in tune, across all forms of promotion.

Make this part of your marketing strategy.

We wish you all the best with your marketing (and your marketing song!)

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