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I have contributed Chapters on Leadership, Collaboration and Client Management to a new book Future-proof your Legal Career.  Published in November 2021, the book is sub-titled 10 Core Areas of Professional Development.

At the outset, I wanted to offer established lawyers fresh insights to address concerns about ‘protecting my professional career’.

What emerged is a combination of new research, practical experiences and thought-provoking Coaching Questions. 

This powerful mix is relevant to a wider audience of knowledge professionals looking to learn more about ‘protecting my professional career’.

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It is crucial for professionals to keep all the elements of their career moving smoothly’

I have liberally scattered Coaching Questions throughout my Chapters.  These questions offer opportunities for personal reflection and discussion which often lead to powerful insights and self-discovery. 

The questions can have immediate benefit. You may also find greater value as you ponder your answers to the questions most relevant to you over time.  

You can also re-read the questions periodically as an efficient way to recall your learning from each Chapter. This will also help you to appreciate the progress you have made in adapting new ideas to your practice.

In the book, I have adapted real life examples to add colour and context. Each Chapter draws on my coaching practice and experiences of leading international teams.

I also share perspectives from my academic research on how individual members of international teams behave and apply new thinking on leadership to the context of professional services firms.

If you would like to talk to me about adapting this knowledge within your practice, you are welcome to email: or call 07718 581126.

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