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Nigel Temple

Nigel Temple

Are you an independent professional or small business owner? Do you want to take your marketing to the next level and grow your business? If that’s a “Yes”, then The Marketing Compass Navigator+ programme is ideal for you. Discover an integrated system including marketing direction, customer attraction, copywriting, internet marketing and professional selling – delivered in bite sized chunks for busy people just like you.

“I am inundated with business – due to Nigel Temple’s advice. He said that this would happen and he was right. If you are searching for a marketing system that works, talk to Nigel.” – Helen Cooke, My Plus Consulting

The Navigator+ programme has been created by small business marketing specialist Nigel Temple. Nigel has helped thousands of business owners to improve their marketing results. He is the founder and CEO of The Marketing Compass and has taught over 10,000 seminar delegates the art and science of marketing.

Navigator+ revolves around eight core topics:

Which direction should your marketing take?

Which direction should your marketing take?

YOU Success principles for small business owners
STRATEGY In the midst of confusion, have a clear strategy
PLANNING Plan your work and work your plan
CUSTOMER The centre of your marketing activities
COMMUNICATION Interpersonal and written communication
PROMOTION 101 promotional techniques
INTERNET The art and science of digital communication
SELLING How to convert enquiries into sales

BoardroomMonthly Marketing Masterclasses
Join a series of monthly Marketing Masterclasses, which have been specifically created for small business owners. Meet other Navigator members and discuss your marketing issues. Receive feedback, ideas and action points to improve your marketing effectiveness. During each Masterclass, we will discuss your business, your marketing and your customer attraction processes. You can put the ideas to use throughout the year ahead and ask for feedback / clarification via our interactive website.

The Marketing Compass Manual
The Marketing Compass Manual– Written by small business marketing guru Nigel Temple –
The printed Manual contains over 50,000 words of structured marketing advice. It shows you how to think strategically about your business, your marketing and your brand. Discover how to write clearly (and quickly), get more sales leads, improve the effectiveness of your website, understand and use SEO and social media and benefit from a series of marketing strategies which Nigel has only – until now – shared with his clients.

Structured marketing plan
Benefit from your own structured marketing plan, which you can access online, whenever you like. Your plan covers all of the key marketing issues. We will refer to your plan, during the year ahead and you will receive personal feedback from Nigel.

The Marketing Compass website
* Create a profile and tell us about your business
* Connect with other members and meet them
* Join the marketing conversation via the Groups
* Post updates about your marketing
* Access our online knowledgebase
* Ask an unlimited number of questions

“Thank you for all the work you have done with me on our marketing strategy. I am delighted to recommend you.”
– Graham Hill, MD Verbatim – The Phone Answering Service

website address***** Special offer! A new website for your business *****
***** As long as you register during February 2012 *****
We will build a brand new website for your business – at no additional charge – if you act quickly. Nigel has taught internet marketing since 2000 and he knows the ingredients for a successful website. Benefits include:
* The ability to change virtually any aspect of your website, using your own CMS (Content Management System)
* A site which works properly in different web browsers
* Easy uploading of images / embedding of videos
* Online enquiry form (so that visitors can contact you directly from your website)
* Up to 10 pages of content (we will show you how to easily add more)
* Open access to us throughout the website building process
* One year of website hosting
* Built-in marketing processes
* Support throughout the project
* Please note that non-standard functionality would incur an additional charge
* Additional bonus: Search engine strategy PDF guide – in order to keep Google interested

If you are happy with your current website – why not use this offer to create a second site? This offer runs for a whole year – so there is no rush.

We will review your current (or new) website during the Masterclasses and give you feedback on structure, design, words, use of SEO keywords etc.

Register now!
We strongly recommend that you register now, in order to avoid disappointment. Nigel’s marketing programmes always sell out quickly and we have strict limits with regards to the number of people who can join the Navigator+ programme. You can register by sending an email to Joanna or by calling her on 0845 003 0865. Please note that no money is required at this stage.

Our turnover has increased substantially, since we started working with Nigel Temple on our marketing strategy and internet marketing activities.” – Steve Williams, MD, Hawkes Tree Services

If you are not delighted with the Navigator+ programme, you can request your money back at any time within 30 days of paying us.

Option 1: £297 +VAT per month for one year. You can pay by standing order or card. Please note that this is an annual programme, so we would invoice you for £3,564 +VAT.

Option 2: If you wish to pay in advance, we can offer you a discount of £567 to give £2997 +VAT.

Payment methods
For one-off payments, we accept payment by cheque, BACS or card. For subscription payments, we accept standing order or PayPal subscription payments.

Invite a friend!
If a friend joins you on the Navigator+ programme we can offer you both a discount of 20% which means that you will each save £712.80.

“As an entrepreneur or business owner you have to be excellent at low cost marketing. If you’re not you have a number of alternatives. You can spend hours searching the web & small fortunes on self help programmes looking for the silver bullet. Or you can enlist the cost effective help of Nigel Temple who not only advises on what you should do, but demonstrates the effectiveness of his methods by doing it all himself.” – Dave Clarke, CEO NRG Business Networks

If you have any questions, or wish to book your place on this programme, either email us or call 0845 003 0865.

We wish you all the best with your business and your marketing.