Copywriting coaching

Do you want to improve your copywriting knowledge and skills? Do you find it challenging to produce engaging copy? Do you need to understand different forms of copy?

You already have a full todo list. Getting the writing done quickly, to a high standard, can be a challenge, can’t it?

Digital marketing requires a considerable amount of writing, including web pages, blogs, social media posts, adverts and email marketing campaigns. Do you find that you avoid writing? Or perhaps you get stuck and could use a helping hand?

Feedback and ideas from a professional copywriter can make a real difference. Rather than melting your brain during a copywriting course, coaching is delivered over a period of time. You can learn at your own pace. You can share your own text and see how to improve it.

The coaching programme shows you how to:

* Connect with readers and get their attention
* Structure your content, in order to get better results
* Write effective headlines, subheads and bodycopy
* Get the writing done within the limited time available
* Write quickly for all forms of marketing communication
* Use copywriting models, shortcuts and secrets
* Continuously improve your results

Who is the copywriting coach?

Nigel Temple BA (Hons) MCIM originally trained as a professional copywriter and he has been writing ever since. He has written over three million words of promotional copy for thousands of different service, manufacturing, B2C and B2B enterprises.

His first book was entitled Writing Copy for the Web. Nigel served as a Faculty Member and Course Director with CIM (the Chartered Institute of Marketing) for 12 years. He has shown thousands of people how to become better copywriters.

As someone who loves to write, he enjoys teaching business owners and marketers how to find their ‘inner copywriter’ and to enjoy the writing process.

How does the copywriting coaching service work?

Join the Copywriting Coach programme within The Marketing Compass community.

Schedule your 1 hour orientation telephone or Skype call with Nigel.

Receive Nigel’s Copywriting Guide in PDF format.

Each week, a training task is be set for you, via our interactive website.

Ask for feedback on your marketing copy and you will receive detailed, helpful feedback.

Detailed copywriting e-book 

Nigel’s Copywriting Guide contains over 12,000 words of structured advice and practical ideas to improve your copywriting skills. Here are the contents:

1A.  The big picture
1B.  Brand positioning and personalisation
1C.  Content marketing versus copywriting
1D.  The 12 laws of copywriting
1E.  Writing for print
1F.  Writing print ads and posters

2A.  Writing digital content
2B.  Writing compelling web pages
2C.  SEO copywriting
2D.  Blogging
2E.  Social media copywriting
2F.  Email marketing copy

“Nigel is one of the most entertaining and erudite marketing trainers and coaches you will find. I highly recommend him. He has a seemingly unlimited depth of knowledge. I guarantee you will learn things that you didn’t know.” Tom Evans, Shere Solutions


£300 per month. Cancel at any time.

How to join the Copywriting Coach programme

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