David StrelitzI was asked to put some marketing video tips together for The Marketing Compass. Requirements could range from a first web presence to updating or creating a corporate video, so with that in mind, here are the first two areas for consideration.

  1. Just because you shoot a mean holiday video doesn’t mean it is right for your business. It is your company’s image you are promoting. Get it wrong and it may damage, not enhance, your business. Check out what a professional will do with a wealth of experience and kit. I’m not a fan of testimonials shot on a phone in glorious “wobblevision”. If you must do them, be mindful of eye lines. Eyes should be in the top third of the screen. (If in doubt, look at any TV news presenter). There are some amazing “Phone video’s” on the web, but usually they are shot by experienced pros, sometimes with ancillary equipment and lots of experience. Self made can be fine for a concept but generally not a credible professional production. Remember the words of Red Adaire “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”
  1. Planning. Work some ideas out. What is the message you want to get across? What is your audience? If it’s a service you offer, will shots of you working and testimonials from clients be appropriate? If it’s a product that is being manufactured or just sold, how is it made, what does it do, how does it work and who does it benefit? Bullet point what you need to say. Make a list of what might be appropriate shots and then take stills of them on a mobile phone or digital camera. The importance of these come into play when we develop a script and effectively a storyboard for the production. I cannot emphasise enough that YOU (and your marketing adviser or team) will know more about YOUR business than any video production company. They will know how to bring the ideas to the screen and then enhance the content.

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