Video communication is great for websites and SEO and here are some practical video production tips. I will formulate a top 10. However, in the meantime if anyone has any questions regarding video production, feel free to post here or contact me.

Many people like to film themselves for their websites. Invariably what lets these videos down is the audio. On board mics on cameras and phones won’t cut it, so invest in a proper mic. A wired tie clip mic will give you clearer sound and reduce the ‘boomy’ effect that comes from the mic being non directional and too far away.

If you intend to work with a professional company, get some ideas together about your business before you meet them. You know more than they ever will about your business.

If it is a simple presentation to camera, don’t expect it will take five minutes. Allow plenty of time. Don’t just take the back of a flyer/brochure and think that it will sound great with you reading it aloud. Chances are that it will sound like a book at bedtime and your viewer will be asleep or switched off before you finish.

Generally less is more but even if you are working from an auto-prompter (the script will scroll in front of the camera lens) refine the script and PRACTICE! As a professional, if I can get a good take ‘in the can’, we can concentrate on refining it with further takes. That said, I once filmed a seven minute piece in Whitehall for a conference, with a Health Minister. After the first take which was quite good, he looked across and said ”…don’t even think about it, I won’t get it any better”. We duly checked the take was technically good and he got up and left. So it can be done in one take – but it is better to allow time for several takes. More video production tips to follow!

By David Strelitz, founder of David Strelitz Video Productions.
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