Do you feel that you could be using your time more effectively? If answer is “yes”, here are my top ten tips for time management:

1.     Write things down

Always take notes. No-one’s memory is perfect. Everyone forgets stuff, especially when stressed. Write random ‘stuff’ down too. It will distract you otherwise. Use a notebook, Post It notes or a tool like Evernote:

2.     It’s normal to have days when you can’t work & days when you want to work for 12 hours

Work more when you are in the zone and relax when you’re not. We all have both kinds of days, so don’t beat yourself up about it.

3.     Respect your time and make it respected

Delegate everything you can. But remember, delegation means finding the right person, briefing them thoroughly and then (most importantly) letting them get on with the task.

Do not forget to take a break occasionally.

Do not always say yes.

4.     Not all tasks are created equal

Prioritise the important over the merely urgent. Do not let anyone change the urgent into important without a fight.

5.     Stop trying to multitask

It kills your focus and you will end up doing those multiple things less well. Great ‘multi-taskers’ actually do this:

6.     Break your work into smaller chunks

An hour is a good length for a chunk. Chunks are easier to do than longer tasks that are more nebulous.

Interspace stressful chunks with easier chunks.

7.     Give yourself short deadlines

You will be more focused and productive with limited time.

More hours is not necessarily better.

Do not let tasks drag on and on.

8.     The best way to start work is to start work

Doing something is better than doing nothing (not checking your email!) This will create work momentum, often enough to get cracking on something more important.

9.     Hold your meetings early in the day

Time leading up to an event is often wasted.

How many times have you attended a late meeting, only to have people chit-chat because they are going home afterwards?

Early meetings usually have more momentum, as attendees are keen to get back to work.

10.  Choose one thing to achieve each day

This should be whatever will have the most impact. Achieving it will motivate you to achieve more on the less important tasks as well.

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  • Stuart Young

    Good tips Jacqui, I sometimes use the 50.20.50 rule. Delete all distractions (inc phones) then dedicate 50 mins to one task, then take a 20 min break to do whatever you want, then do 50 minutes on another task. It creates focus – and as you pointed out, that’s powerful. 🙂

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