I have found that you get what you give in life – and this is true in business too!

time managementHere’s a recent example: the other day I was presenting to a group on Time Management. As with all groups, this was a mixed-ability class, not in the intellectual sense but in the amount of realism they brought to the session…let me explain! I was trying to get across that Time Management is in many ways a misnomer, because you have to be master of your own time if you want to improve.  As we looked at what caused the delegates the most problems, the usual suspects emerged including “other people” – that’s when it got interesting! You see it’s not other people who are the problem – it’s you!

If you don’t deal with other people they will certainly deal with you! Remember, there are two types of people: radiators and drains. Radiators inspire and motivate you, but the drains are in the majority so if you let them invade your space and time you WILL be drained!

There are many ways to alleviate this domination but in my experience one of the most effective is this: when the ‘drain’ is heading in your direction, aiming to unload all their problems on you, stand up and move to greet them as they approach you and say “I can’t see you right now as I’m busy on [whatever] but I will come and see you in [time].”

It’s polite but firm and by doing this you have taken control of your space – by standing up – and kept control of your time by stating when you will be available!

Try it, it just works!!

At School Dynamics our courses include: Time Management, Stress Management, Presentation Skills as well as our Leadership and Team Skills programmes including ILM courses. We also run an Interview Hotline: our experts have experience of entry-level through to senior management positions so can advise across the job spectrum!

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