• Susan S posted an update 2 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Nigel,
    Thank you for a great training session yesterday with BBF – I really found it very useful and insightful.
    You suggested that I post my question on here…
    I have lost the access to my website (jolly foolish, I know) and I really need to make changes. Is there anyone on this network who can let me know how to find this out. The web address is

    • Our eldest son is a website developer. Ben @admin …can you shed any light on this for Susan?

    • Lol! How on earth did he end up in that line of work???

    • Hi Susan, from what I can tell the site is built in HTML, I can’t tell how you’d access the CMS for this site though. The only clue I can see is ‘Website created by OSKAR DABSKI’, would he be able to provide access?

    • Hi Ben,
      Many thanks for taking a look. I have tried to contact Oskar, but he seems to have fallen off of the planet.
      Would it be possible to “move” the whole website on to a different platform in order that I can access it? Or would I need to get in to the CMS to do that?
      Many thanks