• Phil Whitting – FalTech GPS posted an update in the group Group logo of Social Media StrategySocial Media Strategy 3 years, 5 months ago

    I want to know how many hits my blog posts are getting after all my efforts on MailChimp etc,
    I found a plugin called Jetpack which, according to my website developer, is pukka and widely used.
    I can’t get it to complete installing because it wants to connect to WordPress, for which I need to have a WP account.
    Is this in keeping with other WP users’ experiences?
    Allegedly it’s free and easy to open a WP account, but in the signup process it wants me to decide whether the account relates to the building of a new site, or blog etc
    In fact it wants me to specify a URL and create a blog up front.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    • I am not sure, Phil so I am asking Ben @admin for feedback.

    • Hi Nigel, did Ben have an opinion on opening a WP account to enable linking of JetPack?

    • Hi @admin any feedback on Phils’s question?

    • Hi Phil, yes you are right you’d need a account to connect to Jetpack. Have you integrated Google Analytics into your site? This will give you detailed analysis on all your website traffic, i.e the source they came from, which pages they visited, how long they stayed and much more. I think this is a much more detailed way to track stats on your site than Jetpack!

    • Thanks Ben, I agree that analytics gives a lot of detailed information, although it is often more than I can analyse.
      I just wanted a little counter to show how many times a post is seen – I think this used to be built in to the old Joomla site.

      The reason I didn’t open a WP account was because right up front it wanted me to specify a project, i.e. website, blog etc. and I wasn’t sure whether to go along with it or not.