Getting started on

The Marketing Compass logo

1.  Visit our homepage:
… and look for:  ‘click here’

2.  Having filled in the form, watch this video:

Here are the steps:

4.   Once you have logged in, you will will see a see a Welcome page. From here, you can can click through to the Activity stream.

5.   You will see a message saying: “What’s new, (user name)”?….

6.  …you can introduce yourself, tell us about your business or ask a marketing question, by writing in the white box.

6.  Click on your avatar (a coloured square, next to the “What’s new” message). Click on ‘Profile’….

7.  …and fill in your profile, by clicking ‘Edit’. Please include a link to your website and details about what you do.

8.   Upload a photo of yourself (‘Change Avatar’).

9.  Questions? Either email or search for joannatemple by clicking
on ‘Members’ (in the right hand column). You can either send a public a private message there.

10. Resources are where the goodies are. If you can’t access this menu item, please let Joanna know.
We will be adding to the Resources section, during the year ahead.

Click here to visit the Help section