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    Really helpful – thanks for this Nigel

  • My ideal client is a partnership team in a Top 75 law firm. Their learning flows from greater team and self awareness, and understanding of behavioural changes that can increase individual and (particularly) collective potential. Their commitment is to a process that includes personal reflection, honest discussions, identifying and confirming…[Read more]

    • I like the precise definition, Steve: ‘…partnership team in a Top 75 law firm.’
      This is the clarity that I am always looking for.
      Awareness is an interesting word. It would be interesting to expand on this (as I am sure that you have already done), in order to understand the deeper connotations.
      From a sales and marketing point of view, who…[Read more]

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    Nigel – this is very helpful. Thank you.

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    This is my first ever draft Press Release. It is for my new book – Future-proof your Legal Career: 10 Core Areas of Professional Development. I am seeking feedback on how it looks as a Press Release please. How does it read? What have I missed? etc

    CONTACT: Steve Couch, Coaching Together Ltd:…[Read more]

    • Hi Steve, Thank you for sharing this. I think that the press release is very good. Here are some minor suggestions for improvement:
      * Add a section at the end entitled: Editor’s notes
      and then move the contact information from the top to this new section.
      Also in this section add a brief bio on yourself.
      * Combine the first two paragraphs, as this…[Read more]

    • Nigel – this is very helpful. Thank you.

  • In terms of other workshop topics and in the nature of brainstorming, here are a couple of ideas:

    Changes in approaches to digital marketing – what is working better and worse as we spend less time working with targets IRL (in real life).

    What (if anything) is working well in relation to bringing targets/clients together? (or should we just give…[Read more]

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    David: Thank you. I like this suggestion. I also think that there is more than 90 minutes of potential material, so maybe two sessions.
    I would offer for consideration a review discussion after say 3 months to hearing about learning and experiences (and sharing mine).

  • I have contributed Chapters on Leadership, Collaboration and Client Management to a new book Future-proof your Legal Career.  Published in November 2021, the book is sub-titled 10 Core Areas of Professional […]

  • How to advance your legal career

    I have co-authored a new book entitled Future-proof Your Legal Career alongside fellow executive coaches and legal industry experts Clare Jones and Hannah Beko. We apply r […]

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    Hi Will
    Yes please – also as an accredited tester for individuals and team inventories, I am interested in the test you took and how you found it.

  • With Nigel’s support, I am developing a new leadership team coaching offering. In essence my proposition is that there are many unaddressed consequences of new ways of working. Too much of the discussion has focused on where people work and this is now a distraction from other strategic areas.
    First stage is for potential clients to recognise…[Read more]

    • Hi Steve, This is a great set of questions. I would react to the following:
      1. What is your strategic approach to hybrid working across your business?
      3. As you adopt new ways of working, what have you learned about the impact on client relationships?
      6. For what purposes do individuals in your teams see face-to-face meetings as essential?
      8. Have…[Read more]

    • Just to add that Mailchimp now offers survey functionality. (Mailchimp has a high deliverability rate).

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    I am requesting suggestions for suitable professional institutions/bodies to approach please.

    I have developed an interactive presentation called New ways of Working – in Practice. This move participants’ responses to hybrid working beyond where people work. It covers the strategic impact of hybrid working on client service, working…[Read more]

    • I suggest that you talk to the City Business Library, Steve.
      Ken Tombs was telling us recently that they are amazingly helpful.
      Another idea is the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) library in Cookham (although you may have to be a member).
      Thirdly, try Corpdata for list rental services.
      I have just searched for: list of professional…[Read more]

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    Partnering with organisations and others in my network, volunteering (eg Chair of local CIPD Branch), linkedin posts, started mailing targeted strangers.

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    As a team coach, I expect to restrict the time that I work with a team to 6-9 months – my thinking is that if the team is not able to work more effectively on its own by then, I have not been effective.

    At any one time, I would choose to work with 10-15 teams (= 10-15 engagements a month), alongside individual coaching engagements,…[Read more]

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    I am looking for ideas on promoting my Presentations, Events and Coaching businesses on the back of a book scheduled for publication in September. ‘Future proof your legal career’ is primarily aimed at lawyers, ranging from aspiring Partners, to established Partners. I have contributed 3 Chapters (on Leadership, Collaboration and Client…[Read more]

    • Hi Steve, With regards to the back of the book, I suggest that you promote email signup. As space is limited, you could say something along these lines:
      For more tips and ideas from Steve, signup via: [URL]
      In addition, receive a guide to XYZ.
      This would help…[Read more]

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    I am following the action plan and have been doing some experimentation around the number of Search Term results for different characteristics of my business.
    Search Term ‘000 Search Term ‘000

    Partnership Coaching 73,700 Team Coaching Bucks 14,400
    Coaching Partnerships 62,300 Coaching Lawyers 14,400
    Law Partners Coaching 45,800 Coaching…[Read more]

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    I wonder if anyone has positive experience of working with a platform other than Eventbrite for ticket management etc of events. I have seen that Linkedin and Facebook may be options.

    I would appreciate any tips on this and anything else that may be relevant as I prepare for my webinar presenting debut.

    • I am aware that there are alternatives, Steve, however, Eventbrite has always worked for us. You can run free or ‘for a fee’ events there. One of the reasons that I like it is that it is a trusted brand, for paid for tickets. Does anyone else know of any alternatives that they can share with Steve?

  • Thank you Nigel for guiding us through your mind map on writing a book. You mentioned that there are a couple of publishers who accept pitches for business books – can you share who these are please?

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    Very helpful – thanks Nigel

  • Looking forward to this afternoon’s zoom on Online Events Marketing Services. I will be looking at what we are missing in our thoughts about the end of lockdown, including whether all our decision making is flawed because we have nothing to compare WFH with.

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