• richard-allan posted an update 7 years, 8 months ago

    Hi, has anyone used Sunzu, the successor to ecademy? If so, how has it been for you?

    I was wondering whether it was worth upgrading my membership.


    • Hi Richard, I’ve not used Sunzu personally, but I know Nigel was a highy ranked member on Ecademy, since the switch I haven’t heard too much about the platform, although I’d be interested to know if it’s kept up it’s momentum…

    • Hi Richard, I miss Ecademy and I am still in touch with Thomas Power. Having just logged back into SunZu, I can see that I have 9,681 connections (which comprises my Ecademy contact list). With regards to upgrading, as always, this is a question of cost versus benefits. I will look into this further and get back to you. All the best, Nigel