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  • Hi Nigel, may I ask for your valuable help? Business is flat and may I ask what are the Top 3 items I could action to help boost business? NB I have redone my swebsite now http://www.raymondmarks.co.uk and the profile images now focus on my strengths ofd Busieness, Show Business

    • 1. Add more content to your website, including client stories and images
      (Google will notice you doing this).
      2. Have a system for keeping in touch with people and following up.
      3. Update your Facebook profile and start posting regularly there.
      (I have just posted a question on your wall).
      Above all, take action every day. Little and often beats…[Read more]

  • Hi Nigel, Following your kind advice about strategic repositioning to concentrate on photography for business (inc Show Business People), I have drafted a repositioning statement and action. Any comment will bewelcome:

    Raymond Marks Photography – Shift in Strategic Positioning (Draft No1 15/6/18) for comments from Nigel Temple)

    Strap line…[Read more]

    • Here is my feedback (including edits within the text):
      Strap line (will be headline in website)
      Raymond Marks photographer of choice for people in business and show business – look good as you should
      Raymond Marks photographer of choice for business and show business – look as good as you sho…[Read more]

  • I am no longer offering to cover a full wedding. However, I am pleased still to offer a quality bridal portrait service. If you would like to view my latest bridal portrait, please let me know.. Regards Raymondo

    • I can add that Raymondo also takes portrait photographs for business purposes. We used his services for the front cover of a book, for example.

  • Hi Nigel May I ask your advice on what things I should do to get LinkedIn working for me, in my marketing session tomorrow afternoon?

    Regards Raymondo

  • Raymondo Marcus posted an update 3 years ago

    Hi Nigel, Things are a bit quietand always feel that your great strength is to help on what marketing activity to focu on. On my part I have revised my website to look for profressional with a good set of images on the PORTFOLIO page. So, here is my question to you ….. In 2018 if I spend a day on marketing each week, what activities do you…[Read more]

    • Here is a list of activities for you:
      * Spend AN HOUR on Facebook (FB). I have found your page there https://www.facebook.com/raymondo.marcus and I can see that the last update was September 2017. People lose interest within FB quite quickly so if you are logging in and updating it with photographs, news, case studies. customer comments and…[Read more]

    • Just to add that mid week is a good time to devote to sales and marketing activities. Your choice, however, my suggestion would be Tuesday.

    • Hi Raymondo, If you are using a laptop / desktop computer to view our website, there is a menu on the RHS (Right Hand Side) of the screen. All members can click on this to find free resources. Navigator / NavigatorPlus members can click through to see additional resources. If you have suggestions for additional materials, please let me know. Kind…[Read more]

  • Nigel has asked me to highlight and offer my portrait photography service. Here goes:
    My goal is for you to say ‘This is the best picture I have had taken of me’.
    Experienced background – fashion, advertising and actors portraits
    Key feature – briefing session on what to achieve for you It’s all about ‘you’ – commercial or private
    Profe…[Read more]

    • Thanks for sharing this. Raymondo took the photograph for the front cover of my book ‘How to Get Clients to Come to You’ and I was very pleased with this.
      PS I like your slogan: ‘This is the best picture I have had taken of me’

  • Hi Nigel, Following our call … I have done some work with Linked In updating my profile photos. Will apprecaite more advice about marketing through LinkedIn. I often get messages from LinkedIn re contect reqwueste etc but canot find them when I log in. Look forward to report more activity soon. Regards Raymonso

    • I recommend that you always have LinkedIn open, within a browser window, on your office computer. In addition, download the app for your smartphone and always have this enabled, so that you receive push messages via your smartphone.

    • When you view LinkedIn on a desktop / laptop you will see the menu at the top right of the screen. Look closely and you may see red circles with numbers in them there. For example, this morning, within my LinkedIn account I can see that I have 2 notifications (as there is a red circle with a 2 within it, hovering over ‘Notifications’ within the…[Read more]

  • Yes Nigel, I have run out of lapsed clients to mail – no results to date. However. it has stirred me to be more proactive. Regards Raymondo

  • Result from entry in 2017 UK Songwriting Competition:

    Pop Song Title: Danger No Stranger
    Written by: Raymond Marks Current Position: Higher Commended Entry
    Pop Song Title: Winner
    Written by: Raymond Marks Current Position: Higher Commended Entry

  • Raymondo Marcus posted a new activity comment 3 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Nigel Thanks for your encouragement. Still need to win business. Regards Raymondo

  • Hi Nigel,
    Progress report on 5 a day mailing
    May I offer some comment and numbers on my 5 a-day mailing programme?
    1. It made me quickly realise that the majority of my past invoices were to a local magazine client, who is no longer in operation.
    2. Although 5-a-day sounds easy, it takes a bit of work to update the mailing list, each mailing text…[Read more]

    • With regards to the 5 a day, well done and keep up the good work. How about LinkedIn contacts?

    • Hi Nigel Thanks for your encouragement. Still need to win business. Regards Raymondo

    • Understood. As I know you know, sales is a a numbers game. The greater the number of messages, the higher the chances of success. Which makes me think of Babe Ruth who had the record for the greatest number of home runs and also the greatest number of strike outs. “I hit big or I miss big. I like to live as big as I can”. –Babe Ruth

    • Hi Raymondo, I was just wondering how the 5 a day programme is coming along? What are the stats? Are you running out of contacts now? Kind regards, Nigel

  • Hi Nigel, Just to confirm I have started my 5 a Day mailings to past clients – 2 days at 5 mailings and one day at 1 (getting started). May I comment that it is more effort than first perceived because one has carefully to tailor make each e-mail to the person approached. No responses yet but will advise progress. Regards and thanks for the…[Read more]

    • Thank you for letting me know. Yes, I agree that the research does take time – but it is worth it. I know that you are keeping records of the people that you are contacting. Keep up the good work and let us know how you get on!

    • Just checking: how is the 5 a day programme coming along? Are you find plenty of people to talk to? Any responses yet?

  • FAOI Nigel Temple Hi nNigel, Following our call today, here is the draft text for my proposed 5 a day campaign for your comments. As promised I will make a commitment to undertake the campaign as you proposed and report on progress.

    Best regards


    Draft text for 5 a day email contacts
    I enjoyed working with…[Read more]

    • Hi Raymondo, Thanks for this and welcome to (temporary) NavigatorPlus membership of The Marketing Compass. I have edited the email template, as promised. Kind regards, Nigel
      I enjoyed working with you a while ago on the [FAMILY / BUSINESS PROJECT].
      [IF PROJECT] I was just wondering how your [TAILORED COMMENT] is coming…[Read more]

    • I have received your email – it looks good. Have you sent out five today?

    • How is the 5 a day project coming along?

  • Just heard this week (2 years late) from the competition organisers that my entry for the 20th USA Songwriting competition THE AMERCIAN WAY reached the Quarter Final …. a decent bit of encouragement. The entry as a broadcast quality track was produced by Les Payne and featuring Sara Lilly. Also a bit of salute to the great Les Payne, now no…[Read more]

    • That’s great news Raymondo and well done! I know that you have put a considerable amount of time and effort into this project and we wish you well with it.

  • Dear Raymondo,
    Thank you so much for the marvellous portrait of my brother Les Payne. You have absolutely captured his character and very cleverly portrayed the colour of his earring in the otherwise black and white photograph. I shall certainly recommend your work to my family and friends and especially tell them of your suggestion of a canvas…[Read more]

  • Question for Marketing Compass to Generate Professional Portrait Enquiries
    (probably closest is David P Macdonald Web address: http://www.davidpmacdonaldphotography.com/ladies-photography-hertfordshire
    TASK To generate a service description and key words for Raymondo Marcus professional portrait service to be used to help to generate…[Read more]

    • Hi Raymondo, Here is an edited version of the copy. Kind regards, Nigel
      Raymondo Marcus of Marlow Buckinghamshire has extensive advertising, fashion and celebrity photography experience. He can provide you with the ‘London’ portrait photograph experience – without the high cost. Fully guaranteed.
      The package…[Read more]

  • May I ask members a question? Have just launched a new look web site to reflect my specialisation strategy of concentrating on portrait photography. May I ask for any advice on how to drive as much appropriate traffic as possible to visit my site? Have posted a news update on Face Book. Best regards Raymondo Marcus

    • The key thing is to write pages that are centred around keyword phrases, for example: female portrait photography marlow. Please reply to this thread with a list of phrases and I will provide feedback.

  • Raymondo Marcus's profile was updated 3 years, 10 months ago

  • HOT NEWS Now specialising and concentrating on my portrait photography skills. To reflect this have introduced new and attractive website. To view the Portfolio of my portrait work please click on this link: http://bit.ly/2mOQK1J When you require a business or personal portrait at an affordable price please contact me first. Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • After having had a very helpful chat with Nigel, I have made a strategic decision as follows:
    Strategic Announcement – Objective to be Premier Photographer for Female Portraits
    From February 2017 I am concentrating on specialising in shooting female portraits.
    This is an area I excel in and can offer affordable costs for female business and p…[Read more]

    • Hi Raymondo, Thank you for sharing this. I like the idea of specialising as this can help to attract more business and make you ‘stand out from the crowd’. It would be great to have case studies, testimonial statements and specific landing pages for different demographics i.e, personal / family versus business portraits. As soon as you have made…[Read more]

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