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    Pleased to announce that my new website has just gone live. Would welcome your feedback.
    [bpfb_link url=’’ title=’Receive help from P & P Maintenance Services in Essex today’ image=”]Always choose P & P Maintenance Services in Essex for any property projects. Call us for free on 07835 388 833 for a quote regarding any of our services.[/bpfb_link]

    • Hi Phillip, Well done with regards to launching your new website. I know how much time and effort these projects take. Here are some feedback and ideas for you, below. All the best, Nigel PS Thank you for the chocolate that you sent to us!

      * The current headline on your homepage reads: “P & P Maintenance Services – Our Profile ” …this is not search engine friendly. How about something like: “Home Improvement and Property Maintenance in south Essex” (the headline should be wrapped in H1 tags).

      * It would be great to have in introductory video on your homepage.

      * Include a newsletter signup box, ideally on every page. This will help you to generate an opt-in list of interested prospective customers.

      * Include a Testimonials page.

      * As well as Pinterest and Facebook, I think that you should be on Twitter and YouTube.

      * Have you optimised the site for SEO?

      By way of interest, what did you build the site in? (Was it say Dreamweaver or a CMS?)

      @admin @rwillox Ben and Rob – anything you wish to add?

    • Hi Phillip

      Not a great fan of proprietory web design services as they tend to have limitations in terms of how easy to either use or the control available to manipulate essential elements eg title, description, urls etc.

      Looks like it is built using Hibu which I believe is an offshoot of Have not used it so can’t comment on how it is to use.

      Agree with Nigel that page headings should describe the content of the page as should the page titles eg home page title:-
      “Receive help from P & P Maintenance Services in Essex today”
      doesn’t give any real indication of what type of maintenance services are offered.

      Is the term ‘maintenance services’ in Essex the main keyword phrase searched for? Some keyword research would provide the answer to those with the highest volume and how competitive they are to rank particularly for a new site.

      On the kitchens page the headline says “Looking for a full refit?” A full refit of what? Clicking through from the kitchens link might give an indication but each page should be considered a landing page and standalone if read in isolation as it might do if first landed on from search.

      The general approach is to have/include main keywords as close to beginning of titles/headings as makes sense to a reader. In very few cases unless you are a recognised brand is it any benefit from having your company name leading.

      Nigel confirms that the main headline should be wrapped in h1 tags, and it is, but there are another 5 instances of h1 tags around other elements eg the tel no. From an seo perspective there should be one with h2/h3 used to indicate the semantic hierarchy of important elements.

      There is also multiple uses of h1 tags on other pages too.

      Also, agree with Nigel that if you have collected testimonials (and you should) they should be used in relevant places as confirmation in addition to having a general testimonial page and including a signup form.

      The only addition would be that something needs to be offered in return for their signup as no-one is likely just to enter it for the sake of it; a free report.

      Hope the above is seen as constructive and not too critical!

      regards, Rob Willox

    • Hi Phillip
      I have just looked at the site and from an aesthetic point of view it doesn’t jump out it seems inoffensive.
      You have had some excellent advice on how to improve the optimisation. With a Hibu built site do you get full access to the text, images and meta data without going through Hibu?

      Nigel mentioned video, something I can advise on. There are some articles I have written that are here on Marketing Compass. I am in Basildon so not far away and happy to talk on the phone or meet up for a coffee and discuss possibilities. Let me know.