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    Are you happy to give your ideas and knowledge away for free? Do you sometimes wonder how many of your business / professional secrets and hard won experience you should be sharing? Where is the dividing line between ‘what I am prepared to give away for free’ and the Intellectual Property that you charge for?
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    • Hi Nigel, Do you have any advice re protecting intellectual property? Thanks Margi

    • You would need to check this, Margi, but I believe that you can freely use the ‘TM’ symbol on your material. Using the legal profession to register trademarks etc is expensive. if you have something specific in mind, by all means either respond to this thread or email me.

    • I’m happy to share tips and information. It connects me with my peers and helps establish my name for those who might need my help one day. It’s astonishing how much some of the top experts in my field share but, in reality, they’re only giving us the basics. It’s their delivery that’s the hook. When I need copywriting training, I turn to them.

    • Thanks for this, Nat. I have found that the more I give, the more I get. In addition, the ‘giving’ part requires continual learning, which of course is a good thing. Much of the sharing requires writing, in the form of blogs, articles, newsletters, guides, e-books and printed books. I am happy to report that this brings me a sales lead a day, on average.

    • Once something has become common currency in the public domain I will share, providing that the info is not entirely complete and comes with a hook. When I am fortunate enough to have something new I am very sparing about what I say until I have made some money out of it.

    • Hi David, Yes, understood. I am working on something at the moment which I am so excited about that I will explode if I don’t get it out there soon. I typically share 90% of what I know. From time to time, I feel that I have to ‘monetize’ my IP (in this particular case I think that it will be a workshop; however, it could also be a book).

    • I am happy to give things away for free. This is partly because it is highly unlikely I will ever post anything original but good posts enhance credibility. Often when something of great value is posted, further information about the topic is needed anyway and so the post may attract interested potential customers. David Eaton.

    • I have found that when I write, I learn. I am happy to share what I learn and this generates a feedback loop in that the people I share with, often share in return.

    • I just genuinely like to help people so happy to give some advice… need to add more advice on my PR website … my main bit of advice is to promote your promotion and that’s even easier now with social media!