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    Do you use Google AdWords (or have you done so in the past)? How much do you spend each month? What are your objectives? How do you measure success? What do you think of the ‘new look’ Google AdWords?
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    • I’m afraid I bin the offers. Have steered clear- hardly ever click on paid listings…which I believe is the norm.

    • I think that you mean the vouchers for say £75 pounds worth of free Google Adwords advertising? Yes, I know what you mean about not clicking on Ads in Google, although I do this from time to time. I am involved in AdWords campaigns for a couple of private clients and the stats are interesting, i.e. impressions, click throughs and conversions.

    • I’ve tried a couple of times but without managing to get it working…and then got busy and forgot about it. Id be interested to hear if people think it works well. I remember Mark Arnold used to use it for training and coaching but sadly he is not around to ask anymore!.

    • Hi Karen, Yes, I know the feeling! I think that Google AdWords is complicated and I wonder whether anyone else finds this to be the case? Clearly, a lot of enterprises use it and it takes time to set it all up and then monitor it. A key issue is that you can track everything – including sales leads. Kind regards, Nigel

    • I have not got round to this. Is it less important for B2B than the consumer market?

    • Google AdWords can be effective for B2B marketers. Once your new website is live, as well as writing blogs and using social media etc, I suggest that you get hold of an AdWords voucher and experiment with it.

    • I’ve never used them.

    • No, I haven’t used AdWords – I’ve recently learn’t more about FB ad’s – no they didn’t deliver quite what I expected / hoped for, but I will know better for next time and will likely use them once I’ve made a few changes to my website!

    • It is a good idea to experiment with 1 step and also 2 step advertising. 2 step offers something really tempting for free in exchange for a sign up. The big question is: what could you offer for free?

    • What sort of monthly spend? Are they in a competitive market?

    • I would start small and test Google Adwords. You will start to receive stats as soon as the ads go live. It is a good idea to run at least two ads for comparison purposes. You could start with, say, £100 per month. Yes, the clients I am working with are in competitive marketplaces.

    • A timely question (although my response is delayed somewhat by the dreaded lurgy that I just managed to shake off).

      I operate in a very narrow technical niche, and my WordPress site is well optimised thanks in part to guidance from Yoast.
      (Also from a certain Mr Temple)

      My AdWords campaigns are live and have been for a few years now.
      One of the hard lessons to learn is about the “Google Stupidity Tax” – in short you generally should have a longer list of negative keywords than positive ones.
      That means you don’t pay when someone clicks on an ad in error,

      But now I find “Limited By Budget” messages on my AdWords console. This means that when my daily budget is exceeded (currently set at £6/day) Google kindly switches off my ads so that I don’t incur any more costs than my budget allows.

      The flip side to that is if, for example, I hit the ceiling at 11am, my ad won’t be seen again until after midnight (or whatever time the new day rolls over.

      What I really need now is an AdWords overhaul by a knowledgeable practitioner – any suggestions welcomed!

    • I need help with this!! Not something I even want to learn… !!!