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    Do you ever find it hard to remain positive, enthusiastic and motivated towards your future business success? There are times when sales are down, your energy levels are low and the world seems to be conspiring against you.

    During the 30 years that I have been running my own business, I have seen numerous ups and downs. Booms and busts, low and high interest rates, dramatic changes in technology, people joining and leaving my team and rising and falling customer confidence.

    Every working day, I stick to the basics. I deal with email; accept or decline opportunities as they come my way; write books and blog entries; arrive on time for meetings and talks; look after private clients and members; and answer the phone (or Skype call!)

    I am continually learning about people, business and technology – by reading books and articles, attending seminars and engaging with online learning. I show up and do my best, no matter how I am feeling.

    I probably fail more than most people. On the other hand, I am continually trying new ideas and approaches and experimenting with products, services and marketing techniques. In business, the answer always lies with the customer and their reaction.

    I do my best to be supportive of people. If there is a problem, I ask myself: “what am I missing here?”

    I keep fit as I have found that, when you are responsible for a business, you need a sound mind in a sound body. Keeping fit helps me to improve how I feel about life in general.

    I also laugh a lot – especially at my own mistakes.

    Above all, through three decades, I have kept working, regardless of what the media or current opinion says. When success arrives I celebrate. However, I return to the tasks at hand as swiftly as possible, as action is where the next success lies.

    Feedback, anyone?

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    • Hi Nigel
      Thanks for this and for your wisdom and kindness: it’s so needed. I was thinking recently that there might be a need for a group in MC called ‘spirituality and business’. So much business and social media advice out there is very ‘whizzy’. It’s like saying you can and must plant your potatoes (goods) at any time and if you get it right they will always grow! It takes no account of the organic nature of all things including business. With love and appreciation Margi

    • Hi Margi, What an interesting idea. Would you like me to set this group up for you? Kind regards, Nigel PS Thank you for your kind words.

    • I admire your virtue: I’m afraid that I am more mercurial. When the wind blows in the right direction I race, when it is flat I chill. This way I only spend a small amount of my time being the victim of my own expectations. Don’t worry if your light does not shine everyday, introspection and feeding off the energy of others is good for the soul.

    • Interesting. There are lots of things I could/should do better, admin wise. but my passion for my work is always paramount. On Saturday, I had finally been sent the logo for a show, from the graphic designer who designed the poster, I was working on in a layered form, so that I could do some simple animation and tricks. I doodled on the laptop on Saturday evening. I woke up at 5am yesterday, with a clear vision on what I wanted to achieve. With Steve Allen (LBC) for company, for the next two hours I worked in the studio and by the time my wife got up the job was more or less done. Along the way new /modified techniques were learnt and the man who matters he say “YES”.
      Now if you asked me would I get up at 5am to do a VAT return, …no…but my work passion is still “hot”.

    • I have noticed that the amount of interest shown in my business by prospective customers is proportional to the amount of “stuff” I output. I mean blog posts, LinkedIn updates, new web pages, email updates etc,
      However, it is definitely harder to find the physical and mental energy to do the basics when you’re feeling lower than a rattlesnake’s belly in a wheel rut.
      But of course that’s exactly when you should be doing stuff, as it makes you feel like you’re breaking the cycle of inactivity which makes you feel better about everything.

    • Thank you Nigel, it’s not always easy to focus on what perhaps needs to be done, especially with so many distractions competing for attention. Having the mental strength and belief in what you are doing undoubtedly helps. I agree, physical fitness certainly contributes towards mental capacity. A book I read recently, helped me change my perspective on running, I’ve now returned to doing short runs for pleasure rather than for fitness (Anna McNuff – Pants of Perspective). As to belief, in what we do, there are events that challenge those beliefs, but, that’s probably a good thing, right? Perhaps, the hardest things to focus on are all those that are not loved, but when done well, enable us to do what we believe in!

    • Hi Nigel, Thanks. Sorry for my late reply. Yes, please set up the group. It would be good to have a place for people to comment on what they find difficult or easy from a spiritual point of view.