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    I had an interesting discussion with one of our members last week regarding marketing in the month of August. “We are not like France, where everything shuts down for the month of August,” I said. “Many companies stop promoting themselves during this month which means that your messages are more likely to get through.” Any thoughts about this? Will you be ‘shutting your marketing shop’ for the month ahead, or pressing ahead with blogs, newsletters, advertising, networking and all of the usual marketing activities? (Except perhaps when you are away on holiday).
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    • Priorities change perhaps at different times of the year, so whilst some of my woodland events don’t happen during August, I’m still busy at shows and festivals and yes, there is some promotion, planning and preparations for Autumn events and courses

    • Thanks for sharing this, David. Have you heard of ‘documenting’ – in the context of blogging, Tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking etc the things that happen to you during the day? You would take photos and videos and comment on whatever is in front of you. Some people use smartphone cameras, whilst others use a GoPro so that customers and followers can see what you are doing.

    • Web site and content to play with from Wednesday.

    • Hi David, I am looking forward to seeing the new version of your website go live! Kind regards, Nigel PS Please let us know when you blog within the new site and we will share it via our Twitter feed.

    • I do have plans for some updates and marketing orientated work. Ironically, this morning I had to have two new tyres fitted and one of my clients who I did some work with earlier in the year is in the unit next door. While I was pondering a “just happened to be next door” cold call, the sandwich van arrived and out came a couple of the guys. Next thing I was talking to the boss about a small project next week. I will be networking during August and preparing for a business presentation in September. Tonight I’m NETWALKING with Brentwood Chamber of Commerce. Two hours walking across the Essex countryside, starting from and finishing up at a pub. If its not busy there is always new software to evaluate and new things to learn/re-learn. Last year I learnt how to take a lens cap off…invaluable!

    • Hi David, It’s amazing what can happen when you are out and about! I am glad to hear that you are still a keen networker. Kind regards, Nigel

    • I think this will be on my learning list, cornerstone content.
      Any thoughts?

    • Hi David (Strelitz),The concept of Cornerstone content is certainly worth studying and thank you for sharing – which is well worth reading. Wikipedia has a great many pages which fall into this category. For example, if you search for Abraham Lincoln – Wikipedia’s page comes up 1st on Google. It contains some 17,000 words and hundreds of links (inbound and outbound) arising from this page – which is regularly updated: All the best, Nigel

    • Well, I posted an article what I wrote on LinkedIn a few days ago, and it seems to have hit a nerve with a few people dotted all over the world. It received more comments and shares/likes than I have seen previously.
      So I am now thinking of ways to follow up on this and jangle a few more nerves. Even if it is August (not long till Christmas now you know) people still like to keep their eye on social media incl. LinkedIn.
      So in summary, yes I will continue to put content into peoples’ inboxes because they will eventually emerge from holiday mode and want to talk to me.

    • Hi Phil, Regularly sharing content, posting your own articles and engaging with members within LinkedIn certainly helps. As soon as you receive a comment within LinkedIn, I recommend that you respond – as this increases the ‘comments number’ (i.e. yours + the commentators).

    • Lees competition at this time! However for me a lot of media are away… getting ready to go away…. or catching up after being away …. I would say never stop …. however it can be challenging especially at Xmas time too…. everyone is on wind down mode and got other things to think about too!