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    Good morning!

    Would you advise setting up a blog on my website before setting up a MailChimp capture form for distributing a set of guidelines I have written?

    My logic was that by setting up the blog first I can then point people on my emailing list to the blog.

    Or does it not really matter? I could still start gathering email addresses from people who wanted access to my guidelines, and then mention the blog in future updates once I’ve got it setup?

    Many thanks for your help,


    • Hi David, Yes, set up the blog first within your website (as a blog feeds a newsletter). Then embed the MailChimp capture form. You are quite right, this way around you can also point newsletter subscribers to the unique URLs generated by your blog. All the best, Nigel

    • Hi Nigel,

      Thanks for the quick reply. Would you suggest I set up a WordPress account and then embed a WordPress blog into my current site? … can one even do that?!

      I think in the longer term I may well rebuild my website in WordPress, but I just don’t have the time (or the inclination!) at the moment.

      Many thanks for your help,


    • @admin Hi Ben, as our resident WordPress expert, could you please advise David? I understand that his site was coded from the ground up in html.

    • Hi David, you can setup a blog at WordPress and frame it within your site or place it ‘in the loop’, which basically means it would sit within a page on your site, doesn’t always look fantastic and if it’s a blog you’d probably start with the blogging platform rather than the open source CMS (which it what you’d use if you wanted to rebuild the site in WordPress). Lot’s to think about hey?!

    • Am I right in thinking that the free WordPress sites don’t allow plugins and therefore you can’t put a capture form on them?

    • WordPress sites allow plugins (free, paid for – i.e. via a developer). Yes, you can therefore embed a capture form, i.e. using Formidable.

    • Hi Ben,

      Many thanks for your reply.

      I’m rather overwhelmed by everything WordPress and am wondering if for my application something simpler will suffice. All I want is the ability to make small posts on my website that will both add to its content, and give me a place to show off my latest projects. Something like this perhaps?

      If someone could walk me through how to set up a simple blog on my site I would be most grateful!

      Many thanks,