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About me

Dylis Guyan is CEO of “Increase your Sales in 30 Days” committed to working with sales people who want straight forward, easy to implement, cutting edge strategies – Guaranteed to transform your thinking and Increase Your Sales in 30 Days.
Attracting more high quality customers
Increasing average sale values
Increasing the life time value of customers through implementing outstanding after sales strategies.
Implementing robust referral strategies
Cut Dylis in two and you will see Sales and Sales Management running through her like a stick of rock.

Her love and her passion!

Her joy for selling started in her early teens, selling cosmetics and jewellery to friends and family.

Her first “proper job” was with Barclays Bank as a junior bank clerk. Not too much selling required then but the bank soon realised that selling was absolutely necessary to grow their business. So as you can imagine Dylis was in her element and embraced the new sales era with gusto.

A business opportunity arose when a clothes wholesaler, a customer of the bank, invited the staff to visit his warehouse to buy their clothes at cost price. Dylis visited every Sunday morning and after a few months, realised that many of her friends were commenting on her clothes and she spotted an opportunity for a little business.

She borrowed £500 and bought some stock and started selling on a “Party Plan” basis, her first business was launched…”Dyl’s Togs!”

Even in those early days she realised the importance of looking after her customer base and generated both repeat business and referrals.

Still successfully selling her clothes and working in the Bank two days a week, she was approached by the Financial Services arm of the bank and asked to consider becoming a Financial Adviser.

To cut a long story short, she went for an interview, got the job but was asked to sign a disclaimer saying that she would give up all other aspects of selling i.e. Clothes.

She thinks they were worried that if she didn’t sell a life assurance policy or investment she would get out her range of T shirts, etc…

She progressed from Financial Adviser to Team Manager within 18 months and a few years later was promoted to Regional Manager, responsible for 8 managers and 70 advisers, as well as being responsible for the Financial Services target for all of the bank branches in the Region.

She was recognised as
Top Trainee of the Year
Top Field Sales Manager
Top Regional Manager
She won 13 qualifying conferences in the role of Team Manager and Regional Sales Manager.

She was consistently in the top 5% within the country and enjoyed “Top Spot” in 1998.

Her philosophy is very simple,”If you want excellent results, then you must show what excellence looks like”.

She continuously, communicated, presented, trained and coached her teams to produce phenomenal results. She produced a myriad of sales tools to find ways to:-
Attract more high quality customers
Increase conversion rates from appointment to sale
Increase average sale values
Increase the life time value of customers through implementing outstanding after sales strategies
Increase the number of referrals
In 1999 she set up her own business as a Sales Consultant/Trainer. She put all of her principles into place. Made appointments with Senior Decision Makers and subsequently worked with businesses such as:-

Barclays Bank, Barclaycard, Norwich Union, Allied Dunbar, Thorntons, National Grid, Pepe Jeans. She also secured a position with The Chartered Institute of Sales and Marketing as Course Director and associate to the Academy.

Her results have been amazing; Take a look at her testimonial page!

Maybe that is why she gets so much repeat business.

Just one example from the CEO at Thorntons:-

“Dylis was instrumental in our shops growing their ‘external sales’ with other businesses. Our managers found her sales training programme to be both effective and inspirational. Her straightforward and easy to understand approach gave our colleagues ideas and strategies which they could immediately turn into action. But more than anything, it created a belief and a ‘can do’ attitude amongst our managers. As a result of Dylis’s programmes our external sales grew from about £225,000 in April 2003 to well over £1.1 million in April 2004.”

Dylis grew up in the North East of England and in 1987 moved to Oxfordshire where she shares a home with her husband Keith. She has two daughters, two step sons and three grandchildren.

She loves entertaining, golf, reading, holidays and of course selling.