• David Strelitz posted an update in the group Group logo of WordPressWordPress 5 years, 9 months ago

    Duplicate (cloned) pages. Apart from copy and pasting the source of a page, are there any trusted/recommended) plugins from those out there that work and that don’t cause problems?

    • Hi David, you can use this plugin: -just remember to only use as a quick way of getting pages together, the content should be different enough not to be penalised by google for being a straight up copy of another page! Another way of doing it would be creating templates for your theme. Let me know if you need any help.

    • Thanks Ben.
      Any rule of thumb into how much of a page needs to be “made different” Headers, an odd word, paragraph rearrangement or total re-writes ?
      I have a few cloned pages for demographic areas and have always been a bit concerned about the minimum change one can get away with.


    • As a guideline, a difference of 20% is sufficient between one page and another. A different headline, opening sentence and closing sentence would certainly be helpful. Revised sentences at the start of each paragraph would also be a good idea.

    • Thanks for the pointers, I may have been too subtle so must make some more changes…can you believe that Nigel, me doing subtle.