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Brian Murphy


Nat. Green Specification Ltd.


Peterborough Cambridgeshire England

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About me

Hi I am Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan
I am a Technician and Architect by training, a Specification Consultant by choice, University lecturer, author and an Environmentalist by action.
I run National Green Specification (NGS) and am developing Green Building Encyclopaedia (GBE) at with Nigel and Ben’s help
Its only 1900 pages out or 30,000 planned so early days yet.
I am engaging with the 2 blogs per week ambition set by Nigel, an impossibility of course for a one man band, but the 1900 pages are posted in the blog directory, so looking like i say a lot.
I am in last legs of writing about overheating in buildings 100 pages (so not a blog but possibly a digital kindle book/paper)
Content requests are welcome.
I will aim to make GBE work for everybody: designers, constructors, self builders, clients, DIY.