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    Hi Ken @dml2012 You asked about drafting email campaign text.
    I suggest that you use a 2 step approach.
    The first step is to offer something for free, such as a workshop, a report or a 1-2-1 consultancy session.
    (I know that you know this!)
    Test various Subject lines to find out what works best for you.
    You are welcome to share some subject…[Read more]

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    I have completed a look at the increasing numbers of catastrophes, admittedly rough and ready, however, interesting reading

  • What is a customer segment and why is this so important?

  • What is your marketing strategy for 2021?
    Are you going to launch new products or services?
    How about pricing: are you considering a change in prices, next year?
    Will you be experimenting with new promotional techniques? If that’s a yes, which ones?
    Does the state of the economy affect your thinking?
    Will you be creating a new marketing plan…[Read more]

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    What will you do differently in 2021? Do you think that it is going to be an awful, moderate or amazing year for your enterprise? Are you starting to make plans for the New Year? How will you reallocate your time and resources? To what extent will you be using digital marketing? Will you outsource anything? What do you need to learn, in order to…[Read more]

    • Hi Nigel
      Whatever you plan it is likely to change in 2021 as we have at least two major unknows, Covid and Brexit. Hence I believe one will need to be flexible and move promptly! For those of us making and or selling produces, the supply chain has been a huge challenge and will almost certainly continue to be so. Businesses need to make sure, they…[Read more]

    • Yes, I agree that we will all need to be flexible and I think that a creative approach will help. I take your point about the supply chain; sadly, some suppliers will not survive or their terms may change.

    • I have strategically moved into a new business that I can manage without travel.
      I am optimistic about 2021 and intend to adopt a lot more targeted push technology.
      With traction I want to use commission based only sales people to forge alliances with SEO specialists.

      I also want to invest in auto subscription billing using Xero

      I plan not to…[Read more]

    • There is much to be said for adapting to change circumstances and market requirements, Will. It is interesting that you are targeting SEO specialists.

    • My main issue will be supply (importing from Finland mainly) so Brexit may affect lead times, customs fees and exchange rates. Not a lot to be done until the new year starts, and we see how it pans out, but a couple of friends of mine in similar situations are bulk-buying in December. I will do the same in a more modest way, so at least I can…[Read more]

    • It would help if we knew whether there is going to be a Brexit deal, Phil. Today, I read that the French are saying that they won’t budge on fishing rights. All of this makes it difficult to plan, however, much will change between now and Christmas (starting with the USA election on November 3rd).

    • Cautiously optimistic, it wasn’t long ago that I wondered if I had a viable business, but being flexible and spotting opportunities, and peoples desire to spend more time outdoors has certainly helped. The challenge with being flexible I find is the time it takes to decide how best to accommodate a client and does it fit with what I want to be…[Read more]

    • Good for you, David. Although you have to be careful not to be over optimistic (I know what I am talking about here), optimists tend to do better in life. Productising your services is a good thing and please let me know how you get on with this process.

    • Realistically…hides behind the sandbags, I dont think I will be doing too much differently than what I have been doing.
      When lockdown came, from the outset I said of the Pro-theatre promo and conference work, “I haven’t lost any work, it’s postponed for a year”. MAYBE, a year might be optimistic! In the meantime film and tape transfers, have…[Read more]

    • Thanks for sharing this, David. Yes, I think that continuing to write about what you do (via blogs etc) is a good thing. I wish that I had a bit more time to do this. 🙂
      PS Thank you for your kind words about my knowledge; I do my best and I keep learning!

  • ‘Marketing is your enterprise, seen from the customer’s perspective.’
    Do you agree, disagree or do you have some thoughts to share?

  • I would just like to let you know that Green Building Calculator V.1.0.0. is now only 3 months old and has already won a Green Apple Award 2020 and a UK Regional Award 2020-21.
    Just to say thank you for creating the GBC website: it has helped the calculator to get noticed so quickly.
    V2.0.0. is only 5 weeks away.

    • Well done, Brian and thank you for your kind words. You deserve recognition for what you are doing. I look forward to talking to you as this develops.

  • Hi Nigel
    I have a new client who has a simple business plan but no marketing strategy. He is short of time and resources. What would you say are the essentials to include in a simple marketing strategy?
    Thank you.

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    Following on from the initial need to target a specific niche, what do you think that the balance between inward and outward marketing should be at the onset of a campaign?

    • If you are keen to get customers in the short term, the answer will be outbound sales and marketing activities (GDPR compliant of course!)
      For example, you could use LinkedIn messaging: start by asking an open question and see who responds.
      If you are making calls, it is a good idea to keep track of these within your CRM i.e. Capsule

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    Hi Nigel, you know we have been going through a refresh of what we do and how we do it after Covid. Can you suggest an evaluation scheme for us to assess the best course to take? Other than the usual financial methods.

    • As a marketer, I think in terms of target markets, their needs, key message testing, social media signals, newsletter signups plus stats, Google Analytics, questions, conversations, enquiries, proposals (B2B), e-commerce sales, invoiced sales, post sale journey.

    • Hmm, so probably a matrix of key factors is the best way to go.

    • Ideally, this information should either be held in your CRM, or in a place that can integrate with your CRM.

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    The digital world gives small business more options for low-cost access to than traditional marketing. Because there is so much to choose from, what is the first and most important thing to get right?

    • I think it is choosing which customers you want to serve.
      Marketing is all about customers.
      Digital marketing can make it easier to reach them.
      Having a clear picture of the customer and their needs, where they are, what issues they are facing and how you can help them will clarify your thinking.
      Positioning can then be discussed, as well as how…[Read more]

    • Wise words.
      I have always found this challenge taxing as I offer a product that can help anyone.

    • Yes, quite so, David. There are opportunities everywhere, aren’t there? In this instance, conference organisers, speakers’ agencies and organisations that have C Suite members would be a starting point.

  • Nigel, with such a rapidly changing and uncertain world – do you have recommendations for how to keep marketing plans relevant and up to date, how to structure them perhaps, keep them relevant and apace with current events? Thanks

    • Thanks for asking this, David. I think that there should be a separate marketing plan (i.e. separate from the business plan). The plan is an opportunity to think about the big picture, market segments, positioning etc.
      The challenge is that we live in uncertain times (to say the least).
      Pandemic + Brexit + Recession for starters.
      It is difficult…[Read more]

    • Thank you – it certainly emphasises the need for the marketing plan to be a dynamic and working document, structuring it to focus on new opportunities and associated marketing intentions, keeping track of those things perhaps not currently relevant, whilst not missing them should they re-emerge later, and with new strategies and actions brought to…[Read more]

    • The marketing plan is all about principles and direction of travel. Opportunities, Likes, Comments, Shares, media reactions and even new digital marketing platforms keep appearing and we have to react.

  • Philip D posted an update in the group Group logo of Strategy and PlanningStrategy and Planning 5 months ago

    I have sent you a copy of my draft logo. Any feedback would be welcome.

    • Hi Phil, With regards to your logo, I recommend that you keep it simple. The logo will be appearing in different sizes and a complicated design may not come over so well, particularly when it is small. Go for 1, 2 or 3 colours which work well together. I like the idea of a lighthouse: perhaps you could sketch the outline of one?

  • Should you keep your marketing going in August? The answer is that yes, you should. We are not like France, where virtually everything shuts during the summer month of August and they head for the beach. What is more, many buying decisions are made at this time of year and are implemented in September.
    Feedback, anyone?
    @dominic-batesongmail-com @c…[Read more]

    • The only decisions made now in France are about Moules Frites versus the lamb, red or white? Work-life balance is strong here, and long may it continue. However, the marketing machines keep working even if the proprietors don’t. We are averaging a sales call every two days, from loft insulation to cars, radio and TV advertising, hotel nights,…[Read more]

    • Hi Nigel
      That is a really interesting thought, however I really think it depends on the demographics of your customer base! I sell to dinghy sailors, and guess what they normally go and play out on the water through August and September. This year with covid my sales are very different to previous years; my Hikingbench product (exercise bench)…[Read more]

    • Hi Ken, I thought that you might reply to this post. 🙂 Goodness, France clearly has an amazing B2C print based marketing machine going. I still like print and I think that leaflets, brochures and direct mail still has a place in B2B marketing.
      PS I like the idea of work / life balance and perhaps you could tell me about it at some point.

    • Hi David, thank you for your reply. Famous brands such as Coke, Unilever, Ford, IBM and Microsoft never stop communicating. On the other hand, I have noticed a slow down this week from small businesses, however, I imagine that it will pick up later this month. I think that the key point is that marketing communications doesn’t really work on a…[Read more]

    • My marketing machine is still ticking along, with enquires most days. Interesting feedback from recent participants, with their initial contact being via my campfire cookery at Love Food Festival 2018 and Guardian Best Guided Walks 2016!

    • Hi David (Willis), Thanks for this. Just checking: I think that you are saying that recent participants (i.e. customers) first came in contact with you as far back as 2016? (It can take a while, can’t it?)

    • Having spent the last two weeks of July in the company of Puffins in Northumberland and Wild Goats in Galloway, I’m now playing catch up with work that people contacted me about whilst I was away.
      Rightly or wrongly, SEO is bringing me work that can be done hassle free under the current circumstances. “It aint broke”. So whilst the last Pro…[Read more]

    • Hi David (Strelitz), Thank for sharing this and I suggest that you sign up for a free account with seobility:

    • Hi Nigel
      Thank you for the link, which I will check out. I dipped my toe into Google Optimise…I was well out of my depth.

    • Yes, Nigel, it sure can be a long game, finding ways to get in front of your audience does help and it’s nice to appreciate past efforts paying off!

  • Remember that strong brands can charge higher prices.
    The more often that people hear about you, the less concerned they are about your prices.
    If you invest in your brand, your profitability will increase.
    Feedback, anyone?

  • Chris T posted an update in the group Group logo of Strategy and PlanningStrategy and Planning 6 months, 1 week ago

    Hi Nigel, On a recent call you mentioned Alliance Marketing Partnerships, just wonder if you could explain some more about them please. Chris

    • Hi Chris, An Alliance Marketing Partner is an enterprise that sells to the same customers as you do; however, they are not a direct competitor. In your case, this could be small businesses in your town and other businesses in the surrounding area. The idea is to recommend each others’ products and services via your respective promotional mix.

  • Customers don’t get you the first time they see you. You have to repeat your messages multiple times before they sink in. The typical number that is quoted is 7.
    In other words, the potential buyer has to see your message at least 7 times, before they feel that they know you (a little).
    Consider the famous brand names such as Coca Cola,…[Read more]

    • Agreed, I’ve increased my social media (FB, LI, Twitter and Instagram) to maintain engagement, I’ve done some soft-marketing, an invitation to a campfire conversation; a one-to-one to chat about life, business, hopes and dreams, plans for the future, or something else, all with no strings attached. It simply started as a way of opening up for…[Read more]

    • Perhaps the media would be interested in this story, David? In times of change, we need to visualise a different future. I can see you doing this.

    • Thanks Nigel, It’s so good to be reminded of this fact!

    • Thanks Nigel. One of the 7 ‘styles’ in the Empathy Styles model is the Engineer, who believes that once they’ve told you something, then you must know, and remember it (‘don’t you remember I sent you a 3 page email about that a month ago…) Of course, anyone else who doesn’t have Engineer, knows this isn’t true, and that the rule of 7 times…[Read more]

    • Hi Margi, Brand awareness is a key marketing issue. For small enterprises, I feel that PR is the way forward. However, PR (or ‘Media Relations’), always seems to slip to the end of the to do list.

    • Very interesting, Walter and thank you for sharing this.
      I think that human beings live in a world of feelings.
      The customer is having a continual conversation with themselves:
      How do I feel about this brand? Do I trust it? Do I believe that I should give them my money?
      Brand awareness can help to overcome misgivings and turn non-buyers into…[Read more]

    • Thank you Nigel, great ideas as ever – will get on to this, there is a story and yes, perhaps some interest, and always a place by the campfire!

    • Hi Nigel, Very interesting. Here are the ways that I’m currently getting the message out about our brand:
      1) Radio
      2) Social Media
      3) Print Ads in local tourism guides
      4) Online Ads
      5) Email
      6) Press Release
      7) SEO
      8) External Signage
      Always appreciative of any further suggestions, best wishes Chris

    • I think that you should add: Word of Mouth system; media interviews; Alliance Marketing Partners.

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