The secrets of professional copywriting


Copywriting training

The ability to write well and quickly is central to your marketing success. Discover a series of practical tips, ideas and strategies to improve the quality and effectiveness of your ‘marketing words’. Investing in professional copywriting training can make all the difference.

Nigel Temple has 30 years of experience teaching business professionals the art of copywriting.  Visit to read about the training courses.

Do you need to write website content, e-shots, blogs, social media updates, advertisements or any other form of marketing collateral? During Nigel’s workshops, you will learn different ways to gain the reader’s attention and how to make them want to keep reading. We’ll pay particular attention to generating sales leads and sales – via the written word.

The training is ideal for anyone who wants to write marketing copy quickly, confidently and effectively.

For more information, email or call Joanna on 01628 773128.