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How to write an eBook

By September 14, 2015All members, ebooks, Writing

Who’s got a book they’d like to write, has an idea for a book or has even written some of it down? At every networking event I go to, I meet at least 2 or 3 people who have. So what’s stopping you? For some it’s uncertainty of what’s involved, for others it’s lack of time and for some it’s because they aren’t sure what to say. Here are some tips from my own experience of writing four books, with 2 more in the pipeline.

An eBook is easier than a paper book

  • no complicated layout needed, no page numbers etc.
  • royalties are much better (up to 70% with Amazon!)
  • Amazon in particular, will allow you to upload a plain old ordinary Word document

An eBook doesn’t have to be very long

  • My most successful book was only 16 pages!
  • The most successful ebooks are quite short

Start with Amazon Kindle

  • Amazon makes it easy
  • You can make a paper book later using their create space app
  • Amazon will show what your book looks like before you publish (always a good idea)

Get a template first

  • Amazon has these for word etc. and using them will make sure you don’t use formatting that Amazon doesn’t understand
  • This will save you time later

Decide what you want to share

  • Start with the end in mind. Entertainment? Inform readers about something?
  • Think of it as marketing you get paid for
  • Ask your customers, colleagues and friends what they think you are particularly strong on or know more about that anyone else they know
  • Or write about something you are passionate about

Look at what you’ve already written

  • I re-purposed my blogs for my first book
  • Whatever you’ve written before- start with that

Make time to write

  • Schedule writing time e.g. an hour every other day

Get someone else to proof read your ebook

  • Preferably someone who’s a pedant!
  • You will NEVER spot all the spelling and grammar errors yourself

Get the right title and cover for your ebook

  • Check what’s already popular and current
  • Amazon has lots of cover pictures and an online cover creator

Tell someone else when they’ll be able to read your ebook

  • This makes sure you do it!

Give your first ebooks away free

  • But ask for an online review in exchange. One review will elevate your popularity fast, as many books don’t have reviews
  • If you join Amazon’s KDP scheme, it’s very easy to schedule ‘free’ days

To see how it’s done:

Field Guide to the Workplace Jungle ebook

 Field Guide to the Workplace Jungle (Amazon)

We wrote this ebook with the intent of it being a dynamic process, having fun and seeing our workplace in a new way. While each of our animal personas is whimsical, there are many ideas that will help you to build better working relationships, through observation of the various animal behaviours, adaptation and application of the Tips. We hope you enjoy reading and learning about the Workplace Jungle as much as we enjoyed writing about it! If you would like to continue the conversation, please go to our Facebook page

Field Guide to the Workplace Jungle is now also available as a paperback.


The People Side of Project Management ebook

The People side of Project Management (Book Boon)

You would be forgiven for thinking that, because project usually involve managing a team of people to deliver something, that project managers are excellent people managers. There are many project management methodologies and approaches, for example Prince 2 (in the UK) or PMI (in the US), which provide an excellent framework for the process of project management, but which do not cover how to motivate or persuade people to do the tasks correctly or to the quality required. These describe frameworks, which enables a project manager to manage the project in a structured and logical way. However, they generally do not cover in any detail how to manage changing requirements and the people issues inherent upon making those changes. The ‘People side of Project Management’ addresses this gap by looking at why people are so difficult to manage on a project, who those people are and how to manage them better.

7 Things Remarkable Managers Do ebook

7 Things Remarkable Managers Do (Amazon)

If you employ people,a great manager can make the difference between your business being really successful and just making do. Sadly, many businesses can’t tell the difference between a good manager and a ‘just adequate’ one. Whether you are a manager, or employ one, these are the key habits that all great managers have. Based on Stephen Covey’s phenomenal book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, this books aims to give the key tips for managers who want to be the very best that they can be. The author is an experienced manager herself, and the book includes real-life personal stories about how she learned why and how these habits really work. As a Manager you are probably very busy, so this is a short and easy to read reference guide. It also makes a very good gift to give to YOUR Manager!


Together Works ebook

Together Works – The Ultimate Guide to ecollaboration

Ecollaboration is all about interaction between people over the Internet, and it is vital in both real and virtual organization arrangements, where people co-exist or work together independent of time and location. Ecollaboration covers a broad range of topics, from underlying technological structures to fundamental mechanisms that are relevant to ecollaboration and virtual organizations. This book presents an overview of many of the important themes and developments in ecollaboration. It provides an essential resource of practical knowledge, applications and ideas, which you can use in both the real and the virtual world. Some people are dragging their heels against the inevitable trend towards collaboration using technology. Read this book for practical ‘heads up’ tips on how to release the full value of effective ecollaboration in the context of a ‘New Paradigm’ in communication and the way work is done!


For more help on written communication: email or call Jacqui Hogan on 01494 680997.

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