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Copywriting brief – here is a checklist

By September 23, 2014October 14th, 2014All members, Copywriting

If you want to improve the quality of your ‘marketing words’, a  written copywriting brief will clarify your thinking. It will help you to produce better results – whether you are doing the writing or whether someone else is.

Within the brief:

*  State your objectives clearly.

*  What business challenge will the writing solve?

*  What are we selling?

*  What does the product / service do?

*  What is the identity of the product / service?

*  How does it work?

*  Key features?

*  What are the benefits? (Create a Benefits List).

*  How is our product / service better than the competition?

*  What market segment are we communicating with?

*  Describe a typical member of the market segment.

*  What needs do they have (which we can help them with)?

*  What are our key messages – for this segment?

*  What else can we talk about?

*  What proof can we offer? (Testimonials; research; statistics; surveys).

*  How will we include our contact details?

*   What sort of call to action will there be?

As always, any questions – just ask!

By Nigel Temple.

Since he trained as a professional copywriter, Nigel has written over a million words of copy for advetisements, direct mailshots, web pages, newsletters and every other form of ‘marketing words. His services include copywriting training.

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