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Using stories in marketing

By August 29, 2014October 7th, 2014All members, Communication, Copywriting

Nigel Temple blue smallPeople love stories – are you using them in your marketing? Story telling makes it much easier to remember information. Think of the stories you heard as a child: can you remember any of them now?

Here are some ideas for you. Tell the business founder’s story (adversity overcome). Tell stories about the brand (creative thinking personified). Write customer case studies (problem – search for a solution – finding your product / service – benefits derived – what has changed – next steps). Run a story ideas brainstorming session. Write story ideas up on a whiteboard. Ask customers for their stories.

Bring your stories to life with a storyline, characterisation, dialogue and images. By the way, if you read quality fiction, the way the author uses these devices will jump out of the page at you (which reminds me, are you reading any good books at the moment?)

I trained for three years as a professional copywriter. We were living in Bromley, in Kent at the time and I was up at 5:30am every morning in order to drive through London – as the copywriting job was in Maidenhead, Berkshire. I drove a green Citroen 2CV – what a car!

I have written over a million words of copy since then. I can tell you that the first few hundred thousand words weren’t that great. So here is a final tip for you: write something every day. In this age of content marketing, the more you write, the more you sell.



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