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Ideas for a wedding

By June 2, 2014October 7th, 2014All members, Compass members

I would like to introduce myself. I’m Christine, Director of the publishing company, Planet Press. At Planet Press, we specialise in publishing digital publications. Our publications include both magazines and ‘How To’ books.

I would like to introduce you to our quarterly e-magazine: Ideas For A Wedding.

We are passionate about the articles and information we publish. We only publish new, researched and informative information with vibrant images for brides and members of the bridal party. Our information comes from around the world. The magazine is available on android and e-devices.

If you or your company is connected to, or involved with weddings and with:

* Health & Wellbeing
* Makeup & Nail Beauty
* Hair & Skin Beauty
* Pedicure & Manicure
* Hospitality & Or Venue Hire
* Fashion & Designer Fashion of Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaids Gowns or Fashions for the Bridal Party
* Celebrants
* Flowers or Florists
* Bridal Shoes or Footwear
* Bridal Jewellery or Gems
* Wedding Cakes or Cake Decoration
* Bridal Transport
* Party Hire: Marquees, Props, Tables, Chairs, Balloons & Other
* Craft or Fabric Specialists
*Recommended Wines for Celebrations or any other information connected to or with Wedding or Vowel Renewal Celebrations, this will interest you.

If you are connected to any of the above business types, and as the Magazine progresses, we may be able to feature your business as an article – anything is possible!

By visiting our website: you can download the free Wedding Planner or see an introductory sample of our first issue of the magazine, Ideas For A Wedding.

If you would like a link connection, please contact us. Please send us an email: or

For the protection of the website, we vet all required links. We reciprocate through linking back to your website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Warm regards

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