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Do You Ever Wonder – The Power Of The Human Mind!

Your Human Mind

Do you ever wonder why you say the things you say and do the things you do?

The above two questions baffled me and then I realised – it’s my amazing human mind working either with me or against me!

I can’t say it was a simple answer but it was profound enough to make me dig deeply into my mind to look for a way forward and to write a book that would  help people, the world over, and to give them some simple guidelines of how to move forward, even from the most dire of circumstances, to make life work for them.

Adam’s Mind – Eve’s Psyche – a book I have written, has taken the last six years to write. I too, have experienced tough and very difficult times in my life but I have always understood that: ‘tough times can only last so long!’ It was the information from the tough times that I needed to extract the experience that would allow me to grow, stretch and become the person I am today. I now believe, we each come into this world with a ‘purpose’ and it’s our responsibility to find that purpose and to work with the purpose for the benefit of human kind.

Not all people experience pain in the finding of the ‘purpose’ but those of us that do, have a responsibility to see the learning through.

Through my writing, I have described the human mind as  analogy to the gear box in your car: you can either put the gears into forward movement or into reverse, that choice is always with you! Many other analogies are given throughout the 88,000 word book: Adam’s Mind – Eve’s Psyche – the book will be available in late June to July at


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