Becoming Successful in Social Media with Great Content and Engagement

By September 4, 2013 All members

Social media PastelsAs a business using social media to increase your bottom line, it’s important that you follow the right path. That’s not to say that there aren’t numerous forks in the road or plenty of room to blaze your own trail. But if you’re hoping to achieve what the most popular brands in social media have achieved, then it’s imperative that you follow two of the foremost guiding principles: Quality content and engagement.

If you can increase your engagement via social media and have your brand become synonymous with high-quality, pertinent content, then you’re definitely on the right track. So, let’s dive right into it. Let’s take a look at the how and the why.

Creating High-Quality Content

Quality content is important for quite a few reasons. With quality content, you’re showing fans and followers that you’re not just some spam-happy social user looking to flood the site with random content in the hopes of earning recognition. You’re also coming across as a brand willing to solve the problems of your niche by providing relevant content.

High-quality content is also incredibly important in terms of advertising on Facebook. With the many different ad options, it’s not difficult to turn any type of post or object into an ad, but you obviously need something of pristine quality to up your CTR numbers and even to lower your advertising costs.

In terms of creating high-quality content, it’s important to remember not to step outside of your brand. Stay true to yourself; stay professional and work to release material that stands as helpful to your niche while also providing entertainment. Think of your material like news. It needs to inform, entertain, and it needs to keep people coming back. To that end, you can step well outside of simple text and post infographics and other images, video clips, etc.

Building Engagement Numbers

Engagement in social media is all about the dialogue you’ll carry on with your audience. This is speaking via PM, sharing one another’s material, answering someone when they reply to one of your posts, asking questions and receiving feedback for your posts, and directing your audience to take actions via opting into your network or clicking through on an ad or even an external link.

The higher the quality of your content is, the easier engagement is going to be. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that high-quality content alone is going to boost your engagement. You actually have to work to be engaging and to remain engaging. This requires becoming an open and honest brand, willing to actually be sociable on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Your engagement can’t be one-sided either. You can’t reach out to people en masse and expect personal-level engagement. You need to begin to speak to individuals personally and show a human side to your brand. With basic Internet marketing, you might simply target the correct niche; thereafter any action could be considered engagement. With social media, however, engagement is an ongoing two-way street.

Just take a quick look around a site like Facebook at the successful brands. You’ll notice two things above all others. They’re engaging, and they only release quality content. So if you can use that template, you can reach success.

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Written by Craig Robinson, a social media enthusiast and online writer for Qwaya