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Meet Martin Myers – our Mr Marketing

By February 1, 2013March 2nd, 2019All members

martin myersHere’s a little trick we use at to keep track of the where our Website Marketing customers are coming from.

Firstly, let me explain why we use Martin. It’s common these days, with the World Wide Web being the huge place that it is, to lose track of calls and emails coming in from your Website Marketing. When companies advertise in printed media or directories, it’s easy to track where the call is coming from – quite often, the customer on the other end of the line will say ‘I’ve seen your ad in Yellow Pages’.

The trouble is with the internet, it’s so big and has so many places to advertise your business, simply hearing a customer tell you they found you ‘online’ isn’t enough. We’ve also found that, with the web of websites out there, most people don’t really know the route they have taken to get to your website or your advert. Often we hear ‘I’m not sure’ as a response when we try to find out exactly where they came from.

You could be paying good money to companies who claim to market your business online, or simply testing different routes to take with your Website Marketing, and you want to know that these channels of advertising are working.

So, who is Martin, and why is he so important? Well, the beauty of Martin is, he is whoever you want him to be. Martin Myers is mythical. He is a name, and believe it or not a face, who doesn’t exist, except for the purpose of marketing. We use the name Martin Myers for new campaigns we run online, or as a contact for adverts we run, even on new web pages on our website to gauge the response it generates. This then immediately allows us to identify where a call or email has come from, without having to dig deeper than ‘I found you on the internet’.

You’ll also be surprised how many people are quite happy to talk to someone other than Martin. Since the customer hasn’t ever met or even spoken to Martin, they feel no connection or loyalty to him. They’ll rarely ask about him again!

Martin has been a great employee at Fusionsoft over the last few years, and continues to work hard on our behalf today. Maybe you could get your Martin Myers from Marketing, and see if he (or she) can help you put your Website Marketing traffic in check. He’s never let us down!


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