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Ecommerce Sites Making Sure Yours is The Best not the Worst

By February 5, 2013All members

ecommerce websitesEcommerce websites are specifically designed to create a venue from which to sell your business or personal products. If you are selling tangible products or downloadable services from your website, you will at some point require an ecommerce website.

How do you determine what is and is not a good Ecommerce website? What are some of the things that you’ll need to ensure that your own sites give your visitors a good experience?

Think about the best and the absolute worst of the sales websites that you have ever seen or tried to buy from. Needless to say, the best was probably attractive and easy to find exactly what you wanted. The worst were those which were not attractive aesthetically and were very difficult to navigate.

Great Ecommerce websites are going to be those which makes the buyer feel at home nearly immediately. The website will offer a great look, clean concise and easy to use. The first thing that you see when you land on any site is the look and feel. Getting the right look makes the difference between buying and leaving without making a purchase.

The second thing that any ecommerce buyer will note is how quickly they can find what they are looking for. Take stock of your site and make sure that it is easy to navigate and that anything your buyer wants to find can be located in under a minute. Ensure that a good quality search function is available to the user. Statistics tell us that anyone who does not find what they want in the first ninety seconds very often leaves and will not be back to order from your website no matter how attractive it is and how high quality are the products which are offered.

What this says to you is that when you are considering new Ecommerce websites, the key will be to find a designer whose works appeal to you and whose sites are modern, clean and easy to use. Matching the style of site to your individual business type or commercial niche is imperative if the site is going to work effectively.

An expert BT website designer will be the best person from which to order your own ecommerce website. BT will able to offer you the kind of ecommerce site that will give you a good rate of conversion combined with a great look and feel with which to attract your customers.

For further information and details regarding Ecommerce websites contact: BT Ecommerce Websites on 0800 5870 007


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