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15 signs you aren’t cut out to be a manager

By November 1, 2012All members

Oh my goodness!Some managers are born, some are made and some shouldn’t ever be let near a team, ever!

You can get training, but if more than a few of the following apply to, then you should seriously consider whether management is for you!

  1. If my team make a mistake – I look for someone to blame
  2. I think planning is for wimps!
  3. The best staff to recruit are people who think just like me
  4. Team members don’t need to know about the business
  5. I like to check that my staff are doing it the way I would do it
  6. Job descriptions are unnecessary – people should just do what I tell them
  7. My team are always taking sick leave
  8. I don’t like to spend too much time with my team/other people
  9. I go out of my way to avoid conflict/confrontation
  10. I don’t like making decisions
  11. I’ll never change
  12. Communication isn’t that important
  13.  I prefer to be part of the gang
  14. I think management is ‘overhead’
  15. I’m not organised

Quiz – are YOU cut out to be a manager?

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