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Market Research Tips for Small Business Owners

By September 25, 2012All members

Here are some quick tips for small business owners who wish to develop a low-cost and easily implemented Customer Satisfaction market research programme.

Having developed and implemented customer satisfaction research programmes for blue chip clients such as Toyota over the course of 14 years, I see that many of the tools used by large corporations can be effectively modified to suit a small business environment.

My approach offers small businesses the know-how to develop and implement a Customer Satisfaction research programme that guides business development, supporting growth of your business through identifying and leveraging satisfaction drivers. So, how do you get started with researching customer satisfaction?

1. Keep it simple and actionable

Your customers must understand the questions asked. The results should identify opportunities for increased customer satisfaction.

2. Structure your research into three parts:

A. Up to 3 questions about how well you completed the job.
B. A small set of my proprietary satisfaction questions you can use for metrics and tracking.
C. An open question for your customer to make any comments and suggestions they wish. This is often where the real discussion begins.

3. Conduct the research via a telephone call, e-mail, online or letter

From the handful of customers you speak to personally, to using online survey tools such as Constant Contact, choose your research method based on the number of customers you wish to interview.

Sounds simple? Of course, but the success of any research programme is in asking the right questions to get the results you need. Here’s where I can help. I am available to work with you to design a Customer Satisfaction research programme applicable to your business that you can operate yourself. As your research programme yields actionable data, I can review results and suggest actions arising with you.
As a special offer to fellow members of The Marketing Compass, I will design a Customer Satisfaction research programme applicable to your business, including survey design for a flat rate of £250.
Please contact me for an informal discussion on starting a Customer Satisfaction Research Program for your business at 07831 649 000

If you are a business owner and if you would like ideas on how to get more customers, you are welcome to join The Marketing Compass – as we are here to help.

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One Comment

  • Nigel Temple says:

    Understanding customers is a critical success factor for business owners. Gaining insights into what your customers really think about your business is crucial. All the big companies do this. All too often, small businesses miss this key aspect of marketing, due to time and financial pressures.

    I appreciate Raymondo’s offer of help to our members. For a modest investment, his advice could make a big difference to the success of your enterprise.

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